Why Alex Hern Loves Virtual Reality

Virtual reality was one of the most popular subjects of science fiction in the 20th century. We’re living in the world our ancestors could only dream of, but the vision isn’t complete yet. We need to find a way to integrate virtual reality into all aspects of our lives. When we start using VR to talk to each other, we’ll start treating it seriously. Alex Hern wants to bring VR communication into the mainstream, and he plans on using the business world to lead. Tsunami VR is paving the way with its ambitious efforts to create VR business communication apps. Read more about Alex Hern at bloomberg.com.

Alex Hern didn’t create Tsunami VR on a whim. He has a legacy behind him giving everyone the proof they need to understand how capable he is. The tech industry is a relatively new industry, but it respects experience when it sees it. His tech firm is attracting investors from around the world who want a piece of the action. That attention certainly means expectations are going to be high, but he believes he can perform under this pressure. Creating a new business niche from scratch is hard. Hern is going to need to have a game plan for everything unexpected. Visit tsunamixr.com to know more.

Alex Hern is creating a company with serious plans in the works, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have fun. Virtual reality gives us a stronger way to communicate. We can stand right next to people, and we can talk to them in a casual way. The potential of this technology isn’t fully understood. Will we continue to make phone calls or send text messages? It’s possible many forms of media will become obsolete once virtual reality reaches an advanced state. Alex Hern is betting the business world is ready for VR, and hopefully, the time for it is now.

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