White Shark Media’s PPC Campaign Performance Scores Well With Clients

According to Top SEOs, White Shark Media offers pay-per-click (PPC) management, mobile marketing, SEO and web development. The PPC management agency uses Google AdWords Certified Specialists set up and managing AdWords campaigns for small and mid-size businesses.


According to White Shark Media’s website, every PPC management client receives a free, no-obligation AdWords evaluation by a digital media advisor, if they have an existing AdWords campaign. The initial evaluation includes overall performance, keyword selection, ad extensions, tracking efforts and optimization techniques. When the evaluation is complete, the digital advisor explains what White Shark Media would do differently, and how much it would cost to have them manage the campaign. White Shark Media charges an initial set up fee, which includes keyword research, ad writing and negative keyword analysis. Afterwards, clients pay a fixed monthly price with no contracts.


On Shopify, White Shark Media is recommended for e-commerce businesses since the firm has extensive experience in creating Product Listing Ads with conversion tracking within the Shopify platform. The lone reviewer had a terrific experience working with White Shark Media, and they praised the agency’s professional team.


Testimonials and case studies on White Shark Media’s website show overwhelming customer satisfaction with the PPC management agency’s service. In several cases, White Shark Media began working with clients who managed their own AdWords campaigns in-house, with no tracking in place. The high cost-per-click was costing the client money, without any noticeable increase in business. After using the agency’s services, clients in all industries reported increased sales that more than covered the cost of the campaign.

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