When My Dog Got Diabetes, We Switched To Beneful

It wasn’t until my boxer got diabetes that I really started thinking about what was going into his diet. I thought you just go to the store and buy a bag of dog food. I thought I was doing better than the puppy parents on finance.yahoo.com who just give their animals table scraps. It seems that I was misinformed somewhere along the line. My habits of feeding him whatever was on sale had ended with grave consequences. Faced with diabetes, my vet told me I had to make some big changes.

A dog can live with this disease, but it means that I must be more careful about his diet. My vet told me to check out the Beneful on beneful.com dog food line and that giving him something high in protein would be helpful. It was hard to ignore that my dog had a few extra pounds on him, and my vet said it was due to the high sugar intake in the cost-cutter store brand dog food I had been feeding him. I just was trying to be frugal and now my frugality has cost me dearly. Insulin is expensive, but I can’t replace my beloved dog. There is no price tag for his life.

My house is dedicated to Beneful now. This company is a subsidiary of Purina, who is owned by Nestle. They don’t use soy or starches to load the dog food up with fillers. In fact, Beneful use pure meats like lamb, chicken and pork. They use real vegetables too like carrots, corn and even peas. My dog needs too much to make his nutritional needs be in check, and this dog food provides all of that for me and more.

You can’t cure diabetes in a dog, but you can feed them a higher quality food that will ensure that their numbers stay in check. I finally got around to reading the label from my old cost-cutter dog food. I didn’t see anything in there that even resembled meat or anything healthy. I’m glad my vets recommended Beneful; it’s been a wonderful change for my dog and his health.