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The coming of real-time communications (WebRTC) technology was divine sent for Talk fusion, now people could communicate with anyone, anywhere and on any device. Talk Fusion is easily accepted as the leader in video communication. The company has taken video conferencing and broadcasting to a new level thanks to a commitment to quality and innovation that blends with the changing dynamics of the mass media market. The company also has a large array of products integrated into social media to reach more people, unlike previous attempts reach of consumers, video advertising is now tailored to be memorable though discreet, persuasive not aggressive and advertisements are becoming increasingly aimed at creating the trust instead of being viewed as irritating interruptions to one’s online experience.

Other than having a “wow” effect, videos have been proven to be more relatable and more likely to elicit reactions from the viewer. This increases the communication between the brand and the intended consumer. As companies rush to digitize, the demand for online advertising has grown exponentially and video no longer optional but a must for any company that aims to retain customers and to attracts new ones. The coming of live streaming boosted the popularity of video and this changed the way companies connected with their clients, it is now easier to get customer feedback, offer online seminars and to give advice and consultations to consumers. Learn more:

Bob Reina has been spearheading the need for companies to take up video marketing. With video being the current trending marketing strategy, the focus of Talk Fusion has been the production of quality videos that engage and captivate the attention of the targeted consumers. With the explosion of temporary content thanks to Snapchat and then Instagram, companies are now to run promotions without the cost of the expensive studio made adverts. It has also been noted that people are more likely to share videos than any other form of communication, this has not only enhanced the desirability of video marketing, it also has led to rising of creativity as companies seek ways to stand out.

Away from advertising and profit margins, part of Talk Fusion’s policy is the idea of giving back. Founder and CEO Bob Reina leads from the front on this aspect, being an active sponsor to charities especially animal welfare groups, he has created a culture at the company. This culture has seen the company offer relief for victims of natural disasters and it has donated funds to various orphanages.

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