The Sunny Plumber: A Revolutionary Plumbing Business.

The Sunny Plumber, located in 7270 W Lake Mead in Las Vegas is a plumbing business that offers its services around Las Vegas. They offer both residential and commercial plumbing services in their areas of operations.

Initially known as Rescue Rooters, the company was bought back in 2013 by Kenneth D. Goodrich and was later on changed into Sunny Plumber. The business currently has over 142 employees and 108 trucks to back it up. Other than plumbing, the business also does garbage disposal repair, replacement, and garbage disposal.

As a prestige member of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association, Service Alliance and Service Roundtable, The Sunny Plumber has been offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee to its clients as well as 24 hours a week emergency service and a 2-year warranty. The business has become more appealing and trustworthy to the clients.

The internal structure of the business has made it possible to enhance its growth and expansion. The availability of highly qualifies, highly motivated and friendly employees has boosted the reputation of the business and has catapulted the business to the highest level.

Goodrich has been at the center of the evolution of this business. His enthusiasm and passion for changing the industry have set the business aside from its competitors. He hired College of Southern Nevada to train the staff and heating technicians to understand the cognitive changes of people as they age. This study has helped technicians make easy and quick decisions on how to deal with clients.

There has been tremendous praise and customer satisfaction from clients who have hired The Sunny Plumber at regular intervals or just once. All the customer reviews were positive and seemed to applaud the professionalism of the business and their flexibility regarding delivering services. Everything about this business was engineered to settle the clients and leave them satisfied.

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