The Struggles Of Victoria Doramus Give Her Perspective

Victoria Doramus has been involved in marketing, creativity and communications for years. She has a long resume of companies that she has done work for. Along the way, she has met many interesting people who have made her evermore passionate about her line of work. She has been all over the globe; having lived in Tennessee, New York, Colorado, Santa Monica, Los Angeles and London.

Marketing strategist Victoria Doramus is rich with perspective because of her own personal struggles. She currently does philanthropy work for issues that she is passionate about. Some of the issues include women in prisons, innocent animals who are subjected to kill shelters and children who have a hard time attaining literacy.

The one major struggle in her life has been with drugs. Her problems with drugs affected her life so negatively that she ended up homeless with nobody in her life willing to help her out. She had been in and out of rehabs for years, but that did not keep drugs from completely shattering her life. When she got into petty legal trouble, she was forced to confront her problem. After attending a rehab and living in a group home, she became sober and was once again able to hold a job and support herself.

The drugs that she was into were cocaine, Adderall and alcohol. The fact that Victoria Doramus got hooked on Adderall is something to think about. After all, isn’t Adderall given to children and adults who “have ADHD?” In America, doctors are known to suggest drugs like this to parents, even if their children don’t really need them. This is not to say that Victoria Doramus was given it as a child; it is just to say that if Adderall is an addictive drug that ends up being used illicitly, is it such a great idea that we are giving it to children? Why is it okay to feed kids hard, addictive drugs when the rules of society state that a child shouldn’t be consuming other things, like marijuana, alcohol and other substances?

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