The RealReal is Changing Shopping Top Brands

Shoppers in SoHo in New York City were the first to get a taste of The RealReal clothing consignor’s store experience. The store was opened and brought in shoppers who were looking for those top name brands at affordable prices. The consignment store The RealReal is taking consumers top line items and offering them for prices smart shoppers look for.

Allison Sommer is the director of marketing and has seen that bringing the pop up store to new areas is proving to be valuable. The RealReal opened a pop up store in San Francisco and gave shoppers a taste of what the store can offer. Once the pop up was finished online sales in San Francisco were bursting at the seams. A little taste of what The RealReal offers is all shoppers needed.

With this pop up idea the company is planning to give Las Vegas a taste of what The RealReal can offer. Shoppers in Los Angeles and New York City are more accustomed to seeing pop up shops and new ideas come and go. With San Francisco’s pop up success there will be pop up locations opened throughout the United States.

What started out as a way for customers to not only find luxurious items but also to get back good and fair pricing for items has turned The RealReal into a name synonymous with great bargains. They are taking consignment and turning it into something new and exciting. Founder and CEO Julie Wainwright has seen the growth in jewelry consignments and apparel.

Julie Wainwright isn’t going to give out the numbers of sales or recurrent customers but she is definitely happy with The RealReal’s progress. Her belief in staffing gemologists, brand authenticators, and just the plain experience of insuring customers are receiving the best on both ends, is priceless.

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