The Dorchester Collection, A Leader in Hospitality

As a business person who travels across the world more times than not, I’ve had my fair share of 5 star hotels, and The Dorchester Collection might just be at the top of my list as being one of the most prestigious hotels in the world.

45 Park Lane was where I experienced quality and service like never before. Located beside some of London’s best parks, and world class galleries, The Dorchester Collection sits in the middle of upscale Mayfair so that people like myself are smack dab it the middle of the exquisite dining, vibrant night life, chauffeured cars, and chic streets.

It’s honestly one of the things I could appreciate about The Dorchester Collection. I was given options when it came to relaxing in or out the hotel. There were an over abundance of options when it came to connecting with Central London.

The Dorchester Collection has taken the time to set themselves apart from other hotels by being a non-smoking hotel, with non smoking rooms, suites, and family rooms. My suite was setup with a minibar, air conditioning, and free internet. Unlike other hotels, The Dorchester Collection offers not only free and public Wifi, they also offer Paid internet, well as paid wifi.

I was able to utilize the business center which also had internet access. During the time I had my son with me, we were able to take advantage of the children Activities that were offered by the hotel. Not only were their children’s activities, there was also babysitting available to parents who need it.

The room service was respectful and timely, and I was able to have my laundry washed with their exceptional laundry service.

The fitness center was clean and fairly big, which was different compared to other hotels I’ve stayed in.

The Dorchester Collection has always been known to deliver high quality services around the world.

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