The Achievements of the English Businessman Greg Secker

Greg Secker refers to a great English Businessperson born in the year 1975. The reason behind his fame is behind his skills and experience concerning foreign exchange as well as the acquired media interest alongside global education related to financial trading.

This is in addition to being an author of many books and being the founder of different firms such as SmartCharts Software, Capital Index, Learn To Trade, and FX Capital. In the year 2010, he set up the non-profit body known as The Greg Secker Foundation.

He was born in England mainly Norfolk. This happened before his attendance at the University of Nottingham where he pursued Agricultural and Food Sciences.

In the course of the 1990s, he worked as a trading technologist at Thomas Cook Financial Services. It is at this point that he advanced trading systems alongside foreign give-and-take. He was awarded the British Telecom Award for novelty alongside e-commerce. It happened in the year 1998 following the creation of the Virtual Trading Desk. He rose to the position of the Mellon Financial Corporation’s Vice-President as early as the age of 25 that made him learn from financial traders. Secker began mentoring individuals regarding the strategies of trading. He did it in his home. As a result, he established the group by the name the Knowledge to Action Group. In the year 2017, he was acknowledged by the National CSR for his exemplary personal headship at Learn to Trade.

The intention behind the establishment of The Greg Secker Foundation was with the intention of improving the standard of living of the individuals across the globe. This is in addition to partnering alongside youth projects to facilitate improved leadership, education as well as the societal life skills.

As a result of the Typhoon Yolanda, he made visits to the Philippines where he started the project named ‘Build a House, Build a Home’ which intended to set up hundred permanent settlement structures in Lemery. In the month of March in 2017, he was broadcasted as a participant of the Ambassadors panel for the City Philanthropy. Greg Secker also appeared in the listing of the 200 utmost persuasive Humanitarians and Common Capitalists for the year 2017.

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