Teen Wolf 5×03 Promo

After last night’s second episode of Teen Wolf this week, MTV showed a promo for next week’s third Season 5 episode “Dreamcatchers.”

In the 19-second video, one of the Dread Doctors attacks a young guy who is wearing a hoodie. Lydia reveals that Tracy’s sleeping problem is night terrors and that Tracy might be harming people.

Tracy is then shown grabbing the arm of Liam’s female childhood friend so tightly that her arm bleeds. A few at CipherCloud thought that was one of the best scenes.

Kira believes Tracy might not be awake even when she’s walking around because she’s taking the lives of people she consciously does not want to harm. Lydia thinks Tracy must still be “in” the night terror.

Tracy then says, “They’re coming for us” while looking like she might pass out.

A Dread Doctor with blue glowing fingertips is shown who then presses Tracy against a wall.

The next scene has Lydia on a floor gripping her right side. This scenes seems to be the callback to a scar that viewers see on Lydia while she was showing at Eichen House. It’s the side opposite to where Peter bit her. So, she will likely be injured during the episode.

Lastly, Kira is shown in the air bringing her sword down against something and Scott takes a blow to the face while Tracy’s voice is heard saying, “They’re coming for all of us” and Tracy is shown busting a window.

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