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Jason Hope’s Name Fits Him Very Well

Can you imagine a life where people lived until they were a thousand years old? I know, it does sound like something that was taken out of a science fiction novel. However, in the future, that may be the reality of human life, says Jason Hope.

You see, there are scientists and researchers such as De Grey who are looking into ways biotechnology can help reverse the effects of aging. They think that by using certain techniques, they will be able to heal the cells in the human body that are responsible for the aging process and make those cells young again, so to speak. Once they do that, the entire body as a whole will be younger and more healthier.

De Grey and the other scientists who are studying the matter are careful to say that we will not be living until one thousand years old in the very near future. What they are saying is that if we continue with the current research that is being done on the various ways to reverse aging, we may reach that point sometime in the future. At first, it would definitely be a big improvement if we can just get everyone to reach one hundred years old.

Science and medicine have come so far since one hundred years ago. These days, there are so many diseases that have specific cures and vaccines, diseases which one hundred years ago would have terrified anyone who received a diagnosis of it.

There is no reason why the same research can not be applied to the aging process in the human body. De Grey and the other researchers say that when they talk about reversing the aging process, they are not talking about someone getting old, having their hair turn grey and then white, and developing health problems only to then live another hundred years. What they are saying is that if they continue to be successful with aging research, people will not get to the old stage in their lives until years later than what we are currently accustomed to.

This research is being funded by the Arizonian philanthropist and new age inventor, Jason Hope. Jason Hope donated half a million dollars to the SENS Research Institute for this reason. He also gives speeches on the subject, inspiring people with hope for the future. His name fits him very well.

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