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Jason Hope: Recap Crunchbase Articles IOT

In a piece, Jason Hope talks about how the internet is shaping our daily lives and makes light of the idea that at one point the slice of bread would be informing the toaster that it is not browning evenly. As farfetched as it may sound the wireless connection into everyday objects is changing at a tremendous pace with new witty inventions being made by the day. Jason Hope says the Bluetooth technology has made it easy for people and objects to communicate with each other and the transmitting device used which is known as a beacon is so tiny that it can be placed in virtually anything. This beacon has a sensor whose job is to act as a transistor of information between the devices.

For players in the airline industry these advancements are chances to take their business to the next level and advance their operations criterion. Statistics show that airlines are already targeting 37% of their budgets into the technology advancements and 58% of the airlines planning to roll out the programs within a span of three years. In this piece Jason Hope talks about the areas where the airline players are targeting these technology advancements:

1. Security. Safety is the key component of any successful airline company and in this line the Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787s are being connected on to the wireless network right from their nose to the rudder. These connections are crucial in collecting the necessary data about the plane, tracking the maintenance schedule and analyze how parameters are working in the plane. The beacons are also programmed to monitor the condition of the safety items on board and it notifies the engineers of any issues which they would be ready to tackle on the next stop.

2. Customer Service. Jason Hope explains that customers experience is also being taken to consideration with the technology ensuring boarding passes are issued via email meaning no more queuing for services. There is also a feature that acts as a personal guide through the journey on activation by the client, in case you get lost in the airport the device would guide you by giving directions and estimated walk times. This feature has been programmed to ease the customer’s experience to the extent that Jason Hope explains that the beacon would communicate to your device when the plane doors are about to be closed, it will also tell you in case there is a flight delay and where to access various services in the airport.

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