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Jason Hopes Global Philanthropy Efforts Towards Antiaging Research

SENS foundation, founded in 2009, is a global leader in explorative research in discovering new approaches to treating and preventing ailments and improving human life. They utilize biotechnology in most of their research programs. This is the company where Jason hope has entrusted with his fortunes, donating up to $500,000 towards its initiatives. But who exactly is Jason Hope and how have his philanthropic efforts affected the globe? He is a renowned skilled futurist as far as the global market identifies him. His strategic investment decisions are based on identifying technological breakthroughs and establishing possible predictions of the technology. Currently, he is highly interested in antiaging technological development that he believes is the foundation of future year’s medical discoveries on disease cures.

People consider aging as a natural process, not challengeable by scientific breakthroughs. With old age comes some opportunistic diseases that adversely affect the families of the elderly through constant care or possible death. Based on Jason Hope’s different approach to aging, he believes that people can live longer and healthier if the correct research is directed towards solving the underlying problem rather than treating the ailments. Considering his eye for great technological innovations of the future, he has pledged a lot of money towards financing research towards treating the effects of aging on people of all regions of the globe.

SENS is only one among numerous organizations that strive to give the public access to technology that would enable them to prevent the diseases that accompany the aging population. They utilize living organisms in their research to come up with new products. The funds donated by James Hope, went into funding significant infrastructure; a modern laboratory in the United Kingdom that mainly deals with glucosepane. The main objective here is to figure out compounds that are going to destroy the negative end-products of glycation. Glycation happens when someone start to age and the end products accumulate on their skin. It is the opinion of these research centers that by minimizing or eliminating the end products, the aging process would be significantly inhibited. Other than this, his contributions have pushed up research initiatives in medications called AGE-breakers. They are still utilized for the same purpose as the research directed towards glycation end products. This has enabled the SENS Foundation to take a further step in research programs that had previously shown great potential for massive breakthroughs but were lagging behind due to the absence of sufficient funds.

According to Jason Hope, his primary drive into giving support to this specific non-profit firm in research initiatives is because current healthcare providers only pursue disaster management. They treat cases that have already occurred rather than going to the cause of the problem. He believes that prevention is the only strategy that can stop diseases infection make a real change in the health sector. Supporting his generosity drive, he encourages other individuals to continue contributing towards the same initiative to make a difference. Jason hope’s donating spirit is spread in other areas of the medical and educational field that could benefit individuals all over the world.

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