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The Life Of Dr. Jennifer Walden Is A Fairy Tale Come True

In a field of mostly men, Dr. Jennifer Walden has been honored as one of the top beauty surgeons among only 24 candidates. Her accomplishments are profound in every facet of her life. She has already been acknowledged for her leadership in her field, established a successful practice in both New York and Texas, become a member of the board for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, won awards for her skill as a surgeon, become a published author, appeared in magazines and on television, and given birth to twin sons. According to Dr. Walden her sons inspire her to be her best every day.

Dr. Walden has been called brilliant, successful, beautiful, confident, warm, and friendly. Dr. Walden filled with intelligence, passion, skill, and a mother’s love. Many people have wondered how she accomplished so much and when asked her answer was simple. She said it was a lot of hard work and the drive and desire to be the best. She entered the world in Austin, Texas and grew up in a large family filled with love. She has always seen her mother as her role model and received encouragement Walden’s family. She also believes it is easier to be a plastic surgeon than a mother.

There is no doubt Dr. Jennifer Walden is filled with a fierce determination. When she was put on a waiting list to attend medical school she not only graduated, she did it as a Salutatorian. She knew plastic surgery was her calling due to the creativity and artistry it required combined with her desire to help women change what they did not like about themselves. She wants to empower women and help them succeed in their lives. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a remarkable woman, a highly esteemed surgeon and a loving mother.

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