Stream Energy and The Stream Cares Foundation

When it comes to philanthropy, many companies do their part with a sense of duty to give back to their community. In a select few cases, there are companies that go above and beyond the standards and decide to give so much more when a crisis arises. That is the case of Stream Energy out of Dallas, Texas.

When Hurricane Harvey devastated the Houston area, Stream Energy became one of the first private companies to offer recovery help. The company has launched a philanthropic section of the company known as “The Stream Cares Foundation”. In addition to their work with Hurricane Harvey victims, the company has built a long-term relationship with both the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity.

Another one of Stream Energy’s big passions, is monitoring and assisting with homeless care in the Dallas area. They have worked with programs in the city to help deliver: school supplies, diapers and clothing to homeless children in the region. Annually, Stream Energy also works with the Hope Foundation to sponsor 1,000 north Texas homeless children for the annual Splash for Hope Day. The day is designed to offer a special treat for many homeless children at a waterpark. In some cases, this is the first time many of these children have ever experienced a water park. The company provides 1,000 children their meals for the day and their ticket covered for a day of great fun away from the stresses of their difficult lives.

One of the other projects that has stirred the people at Stream Energy, is their passion for helping veterans and their families. Stream is currently involved in “Operation Once in A Lifetime” a local event for veterans.

Through the philanthropic efforts of Stream Energy, a needy group of veterans and their families were provided free transportation to attend the event. The afternoon features a free hosted dinner at one of Texas’ most prized restaurants. The special day is given annually in December as a free gift to veterans. At the luncheon, veterans and their families are treated to a lunch filled with ribs, burgers and steaks and all the fixings at no cost to them.

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