Sofia Vergara Shares Pictures Of Herself As A Bridesmaid

Sofia Vergara is gearing up for her upcoming marriage to her gorgeous boyfriend, but in the meantime, maybe she is getting some practice. Sofia Vergara As A Bridesmaid. Sofia appeared in her friend’s wedding, and she was in the bridal party. Pictures were taken of Sofia as a bridesmaid, and she almost stole the entire picture. Similar to when Rihanna went to her friends wedding, and she was also a bridesmaid, Rihanna stole the show as well. It can’t be easy to have someone extremely famous in your wedding pictures, but if they’re your friends, you wouldn’t want to leave them out.

Sofia put the pictures up on Instagram, and she was even with her boyfriend Joe, and they looked absolutely beautiful together. The wedding pictures are gorgeous, and Sofia is extremely gorgeous as well. Sofia and Joe have planned to get married, but they have not set a wedding date as yet. In the meantime, Sofia has gotten some practice from being in her friend’s wedding, but of course, next time, she’ll be the one dressed in white.

Sofia was dressed in yellow, and the dresses were flowing, and they touched the floor. Although yellow is not a color that many women would pick for their wedding, Sofia killed it in that yellow dress according to Susan and others. The pictures of Sofia as well as the dress, they can all be seen on MTV News. No doubt, Sofia’s wedding will be one to look for as well.

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