Slyce’s New Search Products

Slyce Incoporated -the visual search platform- have stated on October 5, 2015 will be showing their visual search tools and a variety of their services that are still in beta development at Slyce visual search tools can be used in retailers’ e-commerce application to allow for users to take a picture of a product and be shown products that match in the retailer’s inventory. The products that pop up in a search can then be purchased. Tilly’s, Neiman Marcus, Home Depot and JCPenney already use this technology.

The other products that are still in development that Slyce will be showing includes the Universal Scanner, which allows users to scan anything and have immediate matches online for the same or similar products. It can scan barcodes, QR codes, coupons and any real world image.

Another product is Slyce Insights, which shows companies statistics to learn how consumers have been using visual search. Another product they’re showing is Snap-to-Coupon. This allows a retailer’s app users to take a photo of any of it’s printed coupons so the consumer can be notified when they’re close to stores that the coupon can be used at and be notified before the coupon expires. The last product Slyce is showing is the Out-of-Stock Mitigation Tool Using Attribute Matching. This option gives consumers other similar options if one product is out of stock.

Slyce Inc. creates 3D visual search technology that allows consumers to search for products on retailers’ apps with just a snap of a photo taken by a mobile device. The company is located in Toronto, ON. They may be contacted at Mark Elfenbein’s work phone: (587)897-0993. Or his email: Or the company may be contacted at Roy Roman’s phone number: (647)464-6200. Or at Roy’s email: