Sleeping sickness affects whole town

Something is making people mysteriously fall asleep in the small town of Kalachi, in Kazakhstan. Carbon monoxide is the suspected culprit, but many scientists are not satisfied with that answer, and no solution has been found.

According to a story on, dozens of villagers have passed out in schools, at work, at home, and even on a motorcycle. According to the story people are falling asleep at random, at odd times, and some have a hard time shaking it off and waking up.

According to Shaygan Kheradpir the description of the illness fits but the situation does not appear likely in that area, there are still questions.

There is a nearby uranium mine, but it is inactive. Even when active, it is not likely that it could provide gas in enough of a concentration to cause this problem, an expert said.

Carbon dioxide could also be the culprit, experts say. But even so, getting the gas concentrated enough to affect people out in the open, would be unlikely.

Bad vodka was at first a suspect, but it has affected people who did not drink any vodka. Meningitis has also been suggested, but scientists also ruled that out.
Scientists have yet to find a common denominator, as not everyone has been affected.
The local government says it intends to relocate villagers, thinking that the mine might indeed be the culprit.

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