Securus Technologies “One impressive facility”

Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 and is based in Dallas, Texas. The company is a for-profit prison technology company. They have locations currently in Carrolto, Texas, Allen, Texas and Atlanta Georgia. In the United States, the company has been able to employ 1,000 people and currently has contracts with 2,600 facilities.


On July of 2016 Harris Corporation had partnered with Securus Technologies on a technology called “Cell Defender”. Then in 2017, Securus was able to announce their newest development called “Wireless Containment Solution”. This development was meant to be able to make it to where contraband cell phones couldn’t connect to mobile networks. In July of 2015, Securus ended up being the target for data breach when they reached 70 million phone calls.


Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Richard A. Smith, had stated that they once a week on average they develop a new product of service, of which will help solve and prevent crimes by law enforcement. Smith then went on to say that the safety of the building is part of their DNA and that it is an honor for them to protect and serve for it. In my opinion Securus Technologies is one facility that is moving up in the world of protection and technology.


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