Robert Ivy Has Made A Great Legacy In Architecture

Robert Ivy is a prominent name and personality in the architectural fraternity. He was born in Mississippi grew up in the same place. After completing a degree program from Sewanee University, Ivy proceeded to pursue a master’s degree from Tulane. That is how his career journey began and brought him to his present accomplishments. Despite his solid educational background, Ivy has worked hard to be who he is.

Currently, Robert Ivy is the CEO of the American Institute of Architects. This organization is a membership-based entity for architects. They have come together to make the field more valuable and lobby for better working conditions. Since Ivy took over the leadership, the organization has made incredible progress. Although his concentrations are building, design and construction, Ivy believes in thinking beyond the obvious ideas.

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Apart from AIA, Robert is also a chief editor and vice president of McGraw Hill Construction Media. Multi-tasking is never an easy thing, but Ivy does it exceptionally. His hard work and dedication earned him several awards. Ivy has received industrial honors and recognition from the Lifetime Achievement Awards. Ivy is humbled to receive these awards and recognition. They are a motivation to inspire his zeal and do more for his community and nation.

Besides gaining popularity and reputation, Robert Ivy highly values social responsibility. He believes architects can impact the society in many ways. One of them is increased performance in the building industry. Architects also have an essential role in public health. By participating in urban planning and housing, the public will have decent homes.

Robert Ivy is mentoring architects to be more involved in the community life and see how they can add value. For instance, during natural disasters, architects can assist in recovery and rebuild the society. They can also contribute to programs of teaching resilience during natural disasters. The field of architecture has many facets and opportunities for architects. They can transform and develop it further for the next generation. The architect has utilized his best days working in this field. He hopes his mentees will follow the footsteps or create others to make architecture an amazing profession.


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