Window Washers Trapped for More than One Hour

Two window washers got trapped outside the building at One World Trade Center while polishing the blue glass covering the building.

One of the cables that supports the plank they use to stand on during the work loosened up, so the construction tilted in a diagonally.

Just how it had loosened up has not been satisfactorily explained yet, but engineers are prepared to possibly change out some of the materials that had been used as support previously. Workers at BRL Trust were glad to hear no one was injured. Aside from that, other safety precautions might have to be applied.

The workers, Juan Lizama and Juan Lopez, spent 90 minutes between the 67th and 68th floors at 12:42 p. m. EST. One of them has 14 years of working experience, and the second one five, without similar incidents.

Despite that, the window cleaners were patient and did not panic. A rope was first lowered from the roof to help secure them. In order to get the workers inside the building, the rescuers had to cut the glass.

The unfortunate workers got hypothermia by the time the cutting of the glass was done, but were fine with a little medical help.

However, images from random passersby were on the internet long before the case was officially explained.

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