Thor Halvorssen’s Brilliant Attack On The Dictator Of Angola

According to Forbes, Thor Halvorssen is a man on a mission. The 39-year-old human rights activist is trying to rid the world of unilateral dictators. He views unilateral power, most commonly found in the form of a dictatorship, as the cause of much suffering on this planet.

Unilateral dictators, like the one found in Angola, are capable of stealing from their own people to enrich themselves, especially in mineral rich countries.

How does one man fight an army of unilateral dictators around the globe? Well, Thor Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation, a New York City-based human rights advocacy group. This group employs a variety of means to attack unilateral dictators around the world.

One of the most successful ways that a human rights activist can attack a powerful dictator is with public opinion. Public opinion can be effectively swayed with the coming use of social media. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

Take a recent concert that happened in the country of Angola. The unilateral dictator of the country, who is famous for stealing from his own people, used the money he made from selling the countries natural resources to pay pop star Nikki Minaj for a private concert.

The unilateral dictator even went so far to send a private plane to the United States to pick her up. That that is just how much money this dictator has made stealing from his country.

Pop-culture websites and magazines began to run the story — Nikki Minaj leaves her boyfriend behind in the States to play a private concert in Angola.

That is when Thor Halvorssen and his Human Rights Foundation seized the moment. Thor Halvorssen wrote an open letter to the pop star.

The open letter started to circulate around the Internet along with the news that the pop star was playing a private concert in Angola. In other words, the open letter went viral.

The open letter was short, concise, and powerful, listing all of the human rights violations committed by the dictator of Angola. It urged the international superstar to turn down the invitation for the private concert. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

The open letter failed to stop the pop star from getting on that private jet and playing that private concert. But the letter was a resounding success nonetheless. The viral content educated millions of people on the misdeeds of the unilateral dictator of Angola. It shined a bright light on human rights activism and it cost nothing. That’s how you attack a dictator.

Jason Halpern’s Influence On American Real Estate Development

Real Estate Development is one of the most profitable businesses in the world that can make an individual or company very wealthy. In this field, developers are working with multi-million dollar properties that have little room to spare.


Having a sure vision of what you want to build with the amount of capital you have is always a plus and one of the best developers in the nation has been achieving this great feat for over 50 years. JMH Development is the name and building works of art is the game. This company seems to have he magic touch when it comes to building some of the nation’s most astounding residential and commercial buildings. A great company is only as good as it’s leadership and Jason Halpern epitomizes the term “self made.”


Being the company’s Founder and Managing Partner, Jason Halpern has taken (JMH) above and beyond it’s contemporaries by creating some exclusive structures that are located in the heart of an area’s historic district. Unlike other real estate developers who are timid about touching scared grounds, JMH Development takes on the challenge and delivers on it’s promises. This is a third generation real estate company that has built and owned a high number of commercial and residential properties through the U.S. This firm has it’s name stamped all on the City of New York with 340 Luxury Residential Units in the Borough of Brooklyn. Jason Halpern has a proven path to success and it starts with respect. Unlike many other developers who come through with a “wreck n ball,” Mr. Halpern takes time to understand his surroundings and the people who reside in the areas. His building rapport is sensitive to what ever historic area he’s in and his famous quote is “Respecting The Community In Which You Develop,” rings true.


The 184 Kent Project of (JMH) was the recipient of the Building Brooklyn Award for 2011 and The Cobble Hill Area of Brooklyn has a beautiful collection of luxury townhouses that were developed by the company. JMH Development uses an innovative approach for creating luxury in specific or distinct regions. The future is looking very bright in this field of work and Mr. Jason Halpern and (JMH) is at the forefront of it all.


John Goullet’s Contribution To The Information Technology Industry

For almost thirty years, John Goullet has been working in the information technology industry. He has gained adequate experience in the field. Through this knowledge, he has been able to offer innovative technological solutions to individuals and companies. The IT staffing expert and entrepreneur is the principal executive of DIVERSANT, an IT staffing firm. John Goullet’s exemplary career started in the early 90’s when he was recruited as an IT consultant. Later, he transitioned to IT staffing. His experience in both sectors of IT gave him a deep understanding of the market shifts, which helped him establish Info Technologies.

The new IT staffing company served different companies across the country, including some Fortune 500 companies. Due to his outstanding leadership, he managed to enhance the worth of Info Technologies to $30 million within 5 years. In addition, Inc. Magazine recognized the company as one of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S. The enthusiastic entrepreneur realized the power of merging businesses. To this end, he merged his company with Diversant to form DIVERSANT LLC. In the new company, John assumed the role of principal. He is responsible for coming up with strategies that help the company survive challenges that emerge in the IT industry. His innovative team incorporates high standards of integrity in their undertakings. The team comprises of trained and experienced IT experts.

John Goullet’s determination to take Diversant to higher levels is evident in the rapid growth of the firm even during the periods of economic crash. The company is now ranked as the biggest African-American owned business in the United States. It is also a licensed Minority-Owned business enterprise and a leader in the market. John Goullet said that the success of the firm has resulted from employees’ commitment and the good rapport between the management and all stakeholders. He added that DIVERSANT is better placed to offer IT staffing solutions.

As a strong believer of teamwork, John challenges his staff to work hand in hand and observe their core values, which are ethical behavior, discipline and respect. This strategy has helped him enhance the company’s growth. He continues to focus on creating innovative solutions to the emerging challenges in information technology. John Goullet is an alumnus of Ursinus College where he graduated with a Master’s degree in Computer Science in 1983.

IAP Worldwide Services experts called in support of Hurricane Mathew

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. has been selected by the Unites States Government to activate a mission to provide emergency power supply and assistance in support of the Mathew Hurricane for the regions Iv and V under FEMA. In response to this situation, the company has deployed numerous working teams to attend to the regions in question. They are present to support the Initial Support Bases located at the Fort Bragg, along with the East Coast, Orlando, North Carolina, and Florida to support the many states that were hit by the national catastrophe. The company is unique in preparing for these national needs.

The emergency response team of IAP Worldwide Services has acted to mitigate the effect of the hurricane in sites including Kaia, Sandy, and Katrina. There are other events including commodities, communication systems, emergency power, and the deployment expert personnel. During the Mathews Hurricane in 2011, IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. deployed more than 100 experts to provide services in the areas hit by the catastrophe. The emergency was actuated with numerous power generators to provide power to areas including New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts.

The contract, awarded by the United States government in 2011 under the Army Engineers Corps (USACE) allowed the company operates in areas like Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh. For this reason, IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. was to provide emergency power units to support engineering projects, public works requirements, and emergency power during national significance incidences.

For this day, the company remains in contact with the United States government and other agencies that support this mission to mobilize the people ahead of the Mathews Hurricane. Our team wants to sustain the people and develop a working strategic reform to help them work towards sustainability. According to the CEO of IAP Worldwide Services, Inc., the company is proud to be the art of the solution to support the mitigation of the Mathew Hurricane effect on the community and the United States. Several response teams have worked in response to coordinate the mitigation effect. Moreover, IAP Worldwide Services has trained their response team to provide necessary services at the fastest rate and make life easier.

The region has been evacuated by the IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. regional office located in Cape Canaveral. This regional office forms the headquarters of IAP Worldwide Services on Facebook. The response team located in Panama has joined the working team on the ground. For more than two days, the combined effort between the companies at the site has yield success.

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WEN by Chaz Succeeds in Manufacturing Sulfate-free Hair Care Products

Chaz Dean founded WEN in 1993. The hair treatment line aimed at developing natural hair products that did not contain harsh chemicals or sulfates like the sodium lauryl sulfate. Use of WEN products leads to moisturized, strong, shinier, smoother, and healthy looking hair. Their products include the WEN Anti-frizz Styling Crème, WEN Cleansing Conditioner, WEN hair Nourishing Mousse, and the WEN RE Moist Intensive Hair Treatment among others. WEN has different hair care products that protect hair from frizzing and losing its shine & color during the summer season. The hair tends to frizz and get dry during the winter cold, and Wen provides products that keep the hair moist and soft. The products are available thru major retailers including Sephora and QVC.

Before starting his Guthy-Renker produced brand, Chaz Dean worked as an assistant to the manager at a salon in Beverly Hills. He worked on the colors and highlights at the salon. Chaz also had the responsibility of creating a deep conditioner and a natural hair product for the salon’s line. It is from this that he derived his interest in developing a lather-free hair conditioner. He later purchased a high-end salon in Bel Air where he introduced his brand that he had spent over five years developing. The salon attracted a lot of celebrity clientele who awed at the idea of cleansing the hair without lather.

The 5 in 1 WEN hair cleansing conditioner serves as shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangle, and leave-in conditioner. The conditioner is manufactured using glycerin, which moisturizes the hair, Chamomile and Rosemary Extracts that contains some soothing properties. The Wild Cherry Bark helps in conditioning the hair while the Panthenol strengthens it. While using the WEN conditioner, use 10-16 pumps of the conditioner for short hair, 16-24 for the medium size hair, and 24 to 32 pumps for the long hair. To maximize on its use as a leave-in conditioner, apply a small amount of the conditioner to the hair ends while it is still wet.

For more info, check out the brand’s Facebook and Crunchbase social pages (

How Keith Mann is Working to Make a Difference

As the co-founder and Vice President of Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann has gotten his fair share of recognition within the world of business. This energetic entrepreneur has helped this company expand beyond their original ability as an executive search and staff company to where they have helped fill more than 2,000 positions for various industries. Mr. Mann’s insight into the way things work within the business world has also given him a better understanding of what it takes to succeed. It is this understanding that led Keith Mann to assist in setting up a scholarship fund for students who come from low income families within the New York area.


Choosing to Make a Difference


Keith Mann and his wife Keely, decided to help low income high school students in the New York area have a better chance of getting into college by creating a scholarship program. They fully support the Uncommon Charter Schools in this area, which help to teach children from low income families the subjects they need to know in order to pass their college entrance exams. The scholarship is designed to help a student pay for their college tuition, which is something low income families cannot afford to pay on their own. The scholarship program implemented by Keith and Keely Mann assures that one student from the Uncommon Schools will be able to attend an institute of higher education.


Keith Mann has also been recognized as a leader within the animal rights movement. He has a strong position on animal liberation, which he backs through action. He has no qualms about being proactive when it comes to preventing animal abuse in even the smallest of creatures. In an online interview Mr. Mann expressed his views on the topic of animal rights by stating he believed the evolution of humans should encompass compassion for even the weakest animal. As an animal rights activist Mr. Mann hopes to one day see the inhumane slaughter and unnecessary testing on animals abolished.

The Life and Career of Adam Milstein

When it comes to Adam Milstein, he can be referred with many titles. He is a businessman, entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He is well known for the Adam and Gila Foundation that he founded with his wife in the year 2001. Milstein is also known as the co-founder and chairman of the Israeli-American Council. Adam has not always lived in the United States of America. He was initially born in Haifa, Israel before relocating to the USA. Adam Milstein was born in 1952. His father has Argentinean descent while his mother is from Mexico. As of today, Adam lives in Encino in California with his wife, Gila. Together, they have three children.

Just recently, Adam Milstein was recognized as one of the most influential Jewish leaders by the Jerusalem post. In this post, he was recognized for his contribution to the Israel-American Council. He listed as number 38. This list was competitive as it included other leaders such as Benjamin Netanyahu and philanthropist Sheldon. Adam has had a successful career in real estate. He is currently a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties where his main responsibly is to oversee the funding of this firm. His father was a real estate agent.

Adam Milstein has worked with various foundations in the past to support the Jewish Community. Some of these foundations include Hasbara Fellowships, Israel on Campus Coalition as well StandWithUs and Birthright Israel. He is also famous for forming the Sifriyat Pijama B’America. This is a charity organization that gives free books to Israelis living in the United States of America. The books are meant to teach these people about the culture and tradition of the Israeli people. He has in the past worked with notable people such as Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson when organizing a summit called Campus Maccabees.

When Adam Milstein was recognized as one of the most influential Jewish Leaders of today, he attributed his success to his wife, Gila, who has been very influential in his life. He said that it was an honor and privilege to be on this list. In the previous year, Adam has been recognized as one of the top 25 activists of modern times.

What is Different About Investment Banks?

Most people are familiar with local banks. These are the banks that people go to on a regular basis for a wide variety of banking services such as opening a savings account, getting a car loan, or cashing a check. However, there are many banking needs that local banks are not structured or organized to handle. When people or businesses need specific banking services that cannot be handled by the traditional local bank, the people or businesses seek out the type of bank that can handle the specific needs.

Regarding the need for banking services that require banks with large cash reserves, significant assets, focused banking expertise, or customized banking services, investment banks are able to assist people and businesses with banking services that other banks cannot provide.

There are several reasons why clients go to investment banks for a variety of banking services. One of the main reasons is that investment banks are designed to help clients who deal with large and complex financial business deals. Investment banks have the financial and human resources available to provide the banking services that require a level of support that is needed to handle financial matters such as mergers, acquisitions, large business transactions, and acquiring business funding.

Investment bankers are one of the positions in investment banks that allow investment banks to be able to offer specialized banking services. Investment bankers are well rounded business people who understand all aspects of business financial operations. Investment bankers are able to handle a variety of tasks related to clients, which is one of the reasons why the investment banker position is so challenging.

An investment banker who has become popular in recent years is Martin Lustgarten. A respected professional in the investment banking industry, Martin Lustgarten has served in various investment banker positions. In every position, Martin Lustgarten has performed very well.Armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience concerning the investment banking industry, Martin Lustgarten has been able to help many clients complete great business deals. Martin Lustgarten is known for making the right financial banking decision to help clients achieve the desire business goal.

How People Get Help from Handy

People who are looking for a house cleaner are able to get the help that they need from the Handy website. They are able to get the options that they need and this gives them the chance to find someone who is able to work with different people. People who are a part of the Handy website can get exactly what they need and can get the house cleaning help that they have always wanted. They are able to do this through the website and without worrying about having to sift through thousands of different people just to find a house cleaner.

The website is also able to provide people with the house cleaning listings that they want to show off. This means that people who are house cleaners are now able to list their services on the Handy website. They can talk with different people on the site and connect with people who are in need of house cleaning help. This is something that has allowed countless people to be able to make the connections that they need to get their business of the ground and to start making the money that they know that they are capable of in their chosen cleaning field.

This has all been a blessing for people who are a part of different industries. The application has been able to help a lot of people and has given them the chance to get exactly what they need. Whether people are able to find a house keeper or they are able to find the extra cash that they need, they are able to benefit from Handy. Handy has been helpful in connecting people. This has allowed them to be successful in the two short years that they have been in business and has given them the chance to do different things on Handy.

Now according to recent bigcitylittle news, Handy has seen a lot of success in different house cleaning industries, they have been able to branch out. Before, they only helped people who were looking for house cleaners and for people to make sure that their houses were clean. They are now able to provide people with listings for handymen, plumbers and even electricians. Handy is going to change the way that people think about online and about the different services that they have to offer people who are looking for help in their own home from professionals.

The Ultimate Source of Premium Investment Wines in the Country

UK Vintners (UKV) is one of the wine retailers on the market that has earned the respect and trust of various international vineyard owners who produce top-quality wines whose economic value increase each year.

The Need for Investment Wine

The company obtains diverse varieties of the beverage from Spain, Italy, and France. Although they are all great for drinking purposes, many consumers purchase cases of wine from vintners based in the UK in order to further their financial success. The reasoning behind this is that the cold drinks that have been brewed or kept in storage for years or decades are priced at a significantly higher rate compared to the others. If the individuals have proprietorship over several crates of wine, they can trade it for various commodities or gain a handsome profit out of them.

Wine Types

There are five types of wine available from UK Vintners in total: burgundy, Italian, Spanish, Bordeaux, and champagne. The first-mentioned has originated from Charmes Chambertin and Bonnes Mares, while the rest have been attained from the leading wine sellers of Europe. The champagnes seen in the company, in particular, carry the Dom Perignon, Krug, and Veuve Cliquot Rose brands.

Services Accessible Through UKV

The ultimate job of the UK Vintners is to acquire, vend, and supply champagne and fine wine to different traders. Particularly due to the fact that they are often on the lookout for producers who generate wines that are worthy of investments, the firm has made brokerage services accessible for every client that wishes to transact with the company.

In the event that you already have olden beverages within your own storage facility yet you are unaware of their market value at present, UKV has the capability of sending out a team of experts who can make the estimation for you according to the standards posted for the United Kingdom. The benefit of getting the merchandise evaluated by a professional group is that you will be able to sell the items at a price range that is fair for all parties involved.

Many UK Vintners sell fine wine online too, as well as provide delivery services to their consumers. The shipping expenses are simply based on the distance between the main warehouse and the customer’s address, as well as the weight of the cases that need to be transported. Value-added tax was exempted from the rates viewed with every beverage included in UKV, yet it will have to be included in the duty and delivery calculations.

To learn more about UK Vintners PLC, visit their website.

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