Amazing Facts about Jeffry Schneider’s Incredible Leadership

Jeffry Schneider is the Founder of Ascendant Capital LLC; an alternative investment boutique that is based in Austin, Texas. During his tenure, Jeffry has made efforts to raise almost a billion dollars and amazingly made the firm support more than thirty employees from just two! Incredible! I mean within 10 years! This year alone, his target is 50 million dollars monthly.

Ascendant Capital deals with raising capital for asset fund sponsors like private banks, investment advisors, family offices and broker-dealers. When LLC raises the funds, it does value addition and innovation for investors.

Jeffry Schneider boasts of 24 years experience in financial analysis skills and immense knowledge in financial matters. This has been a major factor to his success. He believes in transparency, team work, dialogue and being open-minded in management. This secret has enabled him hold leadership with enthusiasm. He sees alternative investments as a perfect way of diversifying holdings and reducing volatility.

Mr. Schneider previously worked for Merrill Lynch, Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital. He has a degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

His hobbies include working with charitable organizations like The Gazelle Foundation, Wonders and Worries and Cherokee Home for Children. Other hobbies include traveling – he has traveled to Asia, Europe and South America. Jeffry loves working out his body; he has been spotted in a few marathons, Iron-man and half Iron-man in New Zealand.

Jeffry is looked up to as a mentor to so many young leaders for his amazing leadership strategies and overall quality of a lifestyle.

Services at the Oil and Gas Industry with Cotemar.

At the helm of gas and oil industry in Mexico is Cotemar, a company whose involvement dates back in 1979. At its foundation, Cotemar was primarily aimed at being a service company aiding the energy sector with services such as catering and accommodation. Over the years, however, the company has outgrown to become one of the top offshore service companies in the sector of gas and oil. The company since its foundation progressed steadily and by the year 1981, it had been able to increase its fleet thereby increasing its very ability to carry more persons and materials as well.


Cotemar was able to acquire a rig by 1985 that was to serve as an accommodation platform. Cotemar did not stop at that since in 1996 it extended its grip in the market by expanding its fleet to three rigs and three vessels. In conjunction with COSCO, the company was by 2012 in the process of constructing maintenance vessels to aid in the transportation of solid and liquid materials and building semi-submersible specialized cranes. The official launch of the semi- submersible rigs happened in 2015, and this enabled the two platforms to join the onshore upstream business. A subsidiary of Cotemar was awarded a contract for Moloacan tender in 2016. The company is still on the rise and at present is the provider of services at Petroleos Mexicanos.


At the heart of the enterprise are values that it considers virtually necessary for its constant growth. They are client satisfaction, trustworthiness as well as dependability. The company is proud to offer top qualities to its customers. Cotemar gives its services to the oil and gas industry by providing accommodation and food at the offshore. It also does the transportation of massive structures upstream by the use of specialized vessels. It also offers marine maintenance and transportation and also the processing of oil. That is not all since Cotemar participates in construction, engineering, modernization and maintenance of various oil related mechanisms.


Working at Cotemar is one among the best choices an individual would take. The firm gives the workers a pleasant working environment that guarantees the occurrence of minimal accidents. Training on the job as well as safety is offered to the employees so as to ready them with artistry on how to be dependable at work. The company shows lots of commitment to its employees and offers the best there is in food and lodging facilities. Employees in Cotemar enjoy offers of great off days.

Exploring the Life and Business Engagements of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is one of the wealthiest individuals in the United Arab Emirates. In fact, Forbes listed him as number three in the entire UAE and 527 among the billionaires of the world. Other than that, Sajwani has created a solid reputation in the real estate market due to the impressive track record of his company, DAMAC Properties.


Career History


Hussain Sajwani, the University of Washington alumnus, began his career at GASCO working as a contracts manager. After working for the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s subsidiary for some time, Sajwani proceeded to establish his business. This led to the creation of a catering company in 1982.


Aside from his catering venture, Hussain Sajwani holds a reputation for being among the pioneers behind the expansion of Dubai’s property market. As a matter of fact, Sajwani is acknowledged for building several hotels in the mid-90’s to accommodate the increasing influx of individuals who were visiting the Emirates for trade and business purposes. In 2002, he created DAMAC Properties after identifying the existing market opportunity. Since then, DAMAC Properties has grown into a leading property development entity in the Middle East.


Relationship with Donald Trump


Hussain Sajwani maintains close business ties with the current President of the US, Donald Trump. In fact, Sajwani’s DAMAC Properties is acknowledged for the creation of the Trump International Course Dubai. The partnership began long before Donald Trump assumed office as the President of the United States. Additionally, Trump World Golf Course, designed by Tiger Woods, is set to open at a different DAMAC development at the close of 2018.


DAMAC Properties and its Functions


DAMAC Properties is a top real estate developer in the United Arab Emirates. The company is involved in the creation of leisure, commercial and residential properties in the Middle East. Aside from having an employee base of about 2000 workers, DAMAC Properties is a public company whose shares trade on the Dubai Financial Market.




Aside from business, Sajwani and DAMAC Properties engage in philanthropic endeavors. Sajwani handed over AED two million to clothe about one million deprived children around the globe. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoumis acknowledged for launching the initiative.


The Sunny Plumber: A Revolutionary Plumbing Business.

The Sunny Plumber, located in 7270 W Lake Mead in Las Vegas is a plumbing business that offers its services around Las Vegas. They offer both residential and commercial plumbing services in their areas of operations.

Initially known as Rescue Rooters, the company was bought back in 2013 by Kenneth D. Goodrich and was later on changed into Sunny Plumber. The business currently has over 142 employees and 108 trucks to back it up. Other than plumbing, the business also does garbage disposal repair, replacement, and garbage disposal.

As a prestige member of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association, Service Alliance and Service Roundtable, The Sunny Plumber has been offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee to its clients as well as 24 hours a week emergency service and a 2-year warranty. The business has become more appealing and trustworthy to the clients.

The internal structure of the business has made it possible to enhance its growth and expansion. The availability of highly qualifies, highly motivated and friendly employees has boosted the reputation of the business and has catapulted the business to the highest level.

Goodrich has been at the center of the evolution of this business. His enthusiasm and passion for changing the industry have set the business aside from its competitors. He hired College of Southern Nevada to train the staff and heating technicians to understand the cognitive changes of people as they age. This study has helped technicians make easy and quick decisions on how to deal with clients.

There has been tremendous praise and customer satisfaction from clients who have hired The Sunny Plumber at regular intervals or just once. All the customer reviews were positive and seemed to applaud the professionalism of the business and their flexibility regarding delivering services. Everything about this business was engineered to settle the clients and leave them satisfied.

The Brown Agency of Austin, TX

The Brown Agency is a commercial talent and modelling company based in Austin, TX. They brought the industry to the Austin area. The Brown Agency was founded in the Spring of 2010. The Brown Agency has had major contracts with companies like Loreal and Toyota. The have even worked with high fashion companies like Louis Vuitton. They have also had client on the runways in Austin Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, and even the famous New York Fashion Week. The pride themselves on only selecting the best talent. They also train their talent to be professional, have the knowledge of the industry, and elegant at all times. The Brown Agency provides talent for a wide variety of industries including film, television, commercial, print, runway, and many other areas. They truly put Austin on the map for the fashion and film industry. The company is owned and run by Justin Brown.


Jose Borghi; One Of The Best Individuals In The Brazilian Advertising Industry.

Jose Borghi is the individual who was behind the great Mammal Parmalat campaign that was aimed at putting emphasis on the importance of conserving the environment and wildlife. He is a person whose name has been reckoned in the advertising industry in Brazil for his unique and good work. Jose is also an individual who has been behind other famous ad campaigns for the Mullen Lowe Brasil Ad agency. He is currently the co-CEO of the Millen Lowe Agency, and he continues to do great things and taking the firm to greener pastures. What amuses a lot of people is the fact that he has become very successful yet he was never sure what career to pursue when he was young.

Everything changed when he decided to tag along with his sister to go and watch a screening of an ad that had won Lions Awards at Cannes. When he was there, he was inspired and amazed by the ad and decided he would take advertising as a career and h would also win the Lion Awards one time in his future life. With this in mind, he decided to join the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas where he earned his degree in marketing. Later he joined the media industry by working at Standart Ogilvy as an editor. After Standart, he collaborated with other leading agencies such as DM9/DDB, Leo Burnett among others that helped in giving him the right exposure into the ad industry.

After gaining the right exposure, Jose decided it was time to start his own ad agency with the help of his friend, Erh Ray, and they named it BorghiErh after their names. According to Jose, he wasn’t satisfied working under someone, and this is what pushed him to start an ad agency having no capital and investor support. Borghi is known for always going for what he desires regardless of the situation. With their hard work, Borghi and Erh were able to bring the agency to the number one spot something notes many could have done. When the company was bought by Lowe, Erh decided to sell his shares and concentrate with something else leaving Borghi in the ad industry. The firm decided to merge with Mullen Lowe to from the Mullen Lowe Group that is currently being led by Jose Borghi.Borghi believes his hard work and determination are what made him successful in his career.

Maggie Gill – Achieving Excellence In Health Care Sector For Over A Decade

Maggie Gill is one of the most coveted female leaders in the medical and healthcare sector in the United States. She is also named among the top “130 Women Hospital and Health System Leaders” by the leading publication Becker. After several jobs, Margaret joined Memorial University Medical Center in 2004 as the Vice President of finances and managed care, but was soon after named the Chief Operating Officer in 2005. In 2011, she became the President and CEO of Memorial Health due to her astounding performance and her long-term association with Memorial Health. At the time when she became the CEO, the organization was facing turbulent times in top hierarchy due to the change in CEO for three times in just over four years.

However, Memorial Health found stability, success and progressive vision with Maggie Gill at the top spot. She took many initiatives during her leadership and continued to actively find innovative ways to create a better environment for patients in the hospital and provide better services. Before joining Memorial Health, she worked with Tenet South Florida Health System, where due to her excellent performance and contributions to the organizations in different operational and management aspects, Maggie won Tenet Outstanding CFO award three times in a row. She has experience in working with many other hospitals during her time at Tenet, which includes Palmetto General Hospital, North Shore Medical Center, and Coral Gables Hospital.


Academically speaking, Maggie Gill has quite a brilliant run, getting her Bachelors Degree with honors in English Literature from Florida State University. Here she was a member of Golden Key Honor Society. After graduation, Maggie Gill did Masters in Business Administration from Saint Leo University. She is a board member of some organizations, including Union Mission, Georgia Hospital Association, Mercer University and Georgia Chamber of Commerce.


Under her leadership, Memorial Health recently partnered with Eon Health, one of the top health insurance plans providers. Maggie Gill believes that the collaboration with Eon Health would provide patients with wider options. She is a firm believer in preventive care and believes that the Eon Health’s focus on Preventive care aligns well with the vision of Memorial Health.


Tony Petrello Places His Well Earned Money Towards Caring For Sick Children

Anthony Petrello creates priceless measures and offers practiced counsel to arrive at company growth and necessary adjustments, inside of a very difficult and complicated business enterrprise.

Anthony Petrello is both the President & the CEO of the establishment, Nabors Industries, they are formally under the name of Anglo Energy. Mr. Anthony Petrello accepted his Juris Doctors, while laboring diligently in his studies, at the Harvard School of Law. He is a recipient of a Bachelor’s of Science, in addition to, having earned his Master’s Degree, in the highly developed field of Mathematics, which Anthony received, while studying meticulously at Yale.

His institution, Nabors Industries, is a secondary unit of Nabors. There, is where, Anthony Petrello performs his appointed duties, of the Chairperson. Anthony Petrello is also busy, laboring as the overseer of the Hilcorp Energy Foundation including overseeing Stewart & Stevenson, LLC.

In addition to, his value as a globally respected oil business icon, Anthony Petrello is a very accomplished contributor to charities, around the Houston area. Anthony Petrello contributed millions of dollars, to a host of organizations, devoted to healthcare, like the Baylor University of Medicine and to the prominent M.D. Anderson Center, to aid in the treatments and to fund a host of preventive studies, to supporting children who anguish from neurological dilemmas.

This undertaking of benevolence, began when Anthony Petrello was informed that his child was born early, weighing scarcely over a pound. His daughter was found to suffer from a dreadful neurological dilemma. His wife’s, Cynthia Petrello, thoughts of their baby experiencing a life as an extraordinary dancer, and Mr. Petrello’s beliefs that she could become a mathematician, were no longer viable aspirations for their child. When they came to the understanding that their baby experienced a devastating health dilemma, known medically as periventricular leukomalacia, which often forms entirely into cerebral palsy, they altered their focus to caring for their baby’s quality of life.

Anthony placed his drive on cultivating his knowledge, on neurological sicknesses and granted 7 million dollars, to help out the Texas Children’s Hospital, to fight against neurological dilemmas.

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Looking For Superior Lip Care Products? Choose EOS Lip Balms

When it comes lip balm, most people would agree that the item is really a beauty staple. Our lips need constant moisture, because they’re made with very few protective oil glands and melanin. That means our lips are vulnerable at every age.

If your lips are full, they’re still formed of delicate skin tissue; that is why everyone needs to use a lip balm. Our lips easily dry out, become chapped, can blister, tear and feel uncomfortable.

The best lip balms offer soothing hydration and protection from the elements. These superior balms also provide the lips with safe, natural ingredients. Excellent lip balms are full of long-lasting flavors you can choose from.

The one brand that stands high above the rest is EOS lip balm; you know the one. It’s the original sphere balm that comes in the colorful little pot. EOS lip balms offer all these wonderful lip care components.

EOS lip balms come free of paraben and petrolatum chemicals. Instead, nourishing, organic ingredients are added like jojoba oil, Vitamin E and shea butter. These balms offer a good barrier against the sun’s heat and cold weather. Plus, these gluten-free, 95 percent organic lip balms come with naturally-infused flavors.

Our two favorites are listed below:

  1. EOS Summer Fruit. If you like peaches, strawberries and blueberries, then you’ll become addicted to this one. The refreshing flavor is sweet and light and a must-have for your makeup bag.

We found the balm here at Bed Bath & Beyond.

  1. EOS Pomegranate Raspberry. This flavor happens to be Britny Spears’ all-time EOS fave. She is obsessed and so are we. EOS lip balms deliver luxury lip care at a very affordable price. This one is yummy. You can pick up the balm here at Walmart.

For more info, visit the company’s website( and Facebook page.

Read the EOS history here:

Bruno Fagali: A Lawyer With Great Knowledge and Experience

Bruno Fagali is a man of with a vast knowledge of the law and corporate integrity. In his current state, Bruno Fagali is a lawyer at the Fagali law firm and corporate integrity manager Nova Sb Advertising agency.

With over seven years of experience, Bruno Fagali has made a mark as a lawyer in Brazil. In the initial years of his career, Bruno had one goal; to gain knowledge and experience in law. That is the reason why he worked as an intern for four years in 3 different firms.

Bruno Fagali’s first intern position was at the Office Model Dom Paulo Evaristo Arms. He was with the firm for one year from January 2006 to December the same year. He later joined the Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques law firm in January of 2007. He was with the firm for one year.

Between January 2008 and December 2009, he was an intern at the Tojal, Teixeira Ferreira, Serrano and Renault Associate Lawyers.

Bruno Fagali worked as a lawyer for two years at the Radi, Calli, and Associates. He was also a scholarship holder at the University of Sao Paulo from 2015 to 2016. He used to perform tasks like conduction of classes, seminars of graduation classes and also carried out study groups.

Since 2015, Bruno Fagali has been serving as a corporate integrity manager.

Bruno Fagali’s Education

Bruno Fagali’s education is impressive as he attended many different schools including;

  • Canadian International College where he studied English
  • Mohawk College
  • Brazilian Society of Public Law
  • The Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo. He received his Bachelor’s degree in law in 2009
  • RHS bids
  • Institute of Administrative Law Paulista
  • Getulio Vargas Foundation
  • Legal Ethics Compliance
  • The University of Sao Paulo for his Masters in Law

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