Effective Business Strategies on How Startups can Grow

The startup industry in Brazil is one of the rapidly growing in the world due to technological advances and financial support from investors. In 2016, the Brazilian Association of Startups reported that over 4,000 business ventures in the country are classified as startups. The agency also noted that most of these ventures fall into the education, entertainment, SaaS, e-commerce, and health sectors.


As a Brazilian entrepreneur and executive, Flavio Maluf is certain that these budding businesses contribute to economic development in Brazil.


Mobile Application Development


According to Flavio, technological advances, such as mobile application development, have enabled upcoming entrepreneurs to succeed in the highly competitive market. Clients can utilize mobile apps when purchasing or inquiring about a product. Entrepreneurs can use these apps to track the progress of their businesses.


Customer Support


Flavio also urges entrepreneurs to invest highly in customer support. As an executive of Eucatex, he points the company’s success to its customer support team. This team ensures that clients’ requests and demands are responded to quickly. Eucatex Group, on the other hand, is a Brazilian manufacturing company. It specializes in fabricating materials used in civil engineering.


Digital Marketing


With the various marketing techniques available these days, entrepreneurs can use the Internet as a digital platform to market their products and services. Flavio Maluf urges business owners to adopt this mechanism for the prosperity of their ventures.


About Flavio Maluf


Flavio Maluf is one of the managers who have been instrumental in shaping the business structure of Eucatex S.A. Industria e Comercio. He has been serving as the firm’s CEO and board chair since 2005. He also holds a CEO position at Eucatex Química e Mineral and VP post at Eucatex Trading e Engenharia.


He is an established mechanical engineer by training who acquired his skills from São Paulo-based Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado. Before serving at Eucatex, he was an executive officer for New York-based banking institution known as Citibank N.A. https://br.linkedin.com/in/flavio-maluf-172147b3


Clay Siegall’s Career History

If you or someone close to you has been a beneficiary of ADCETRIS, I know you must have done your own research on the drug. This is the first anti-body conjugates (ADCs) to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration body. It is a product of Settle genetics, a company co-founded by Clay Siegall in the year 1998.

Clay Siegall has worked for the company as its President, CEO and Chairman of the board of Directors. He decided to get on the partnership in order to improve the existing oncological tools. His desire was inspired by the death of his father. Clay Siegall had watched his father die slowly of cancer. The disease made his life miserable, but there were no advanced oncology tools to heal him. Therefore, he vowed that he would venture into this field and be instrumental in the advancement of this tools. Today, through Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall has lived his dreams. The company focusses on helping patients in over 65 countries, where their drugs are approved.

The trained and award-winning scientist who has authored over 70 publications has also acquired over 20 patents talked to Ideamensch in a recent interview. He advised other entrepreneurs to interact with smart professionals within their industry. As for him, he has found it very profitable to partner with leaders and innovators within his industry.


Other than Settle Genetics, Clay Siegall works for a number of companies within the industry, benefiting them with his expertise of over 30 years. He seats on the board of directors of Washington Roundtable, Alder BioPharmaceuticals, and Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical.


In the past, he worked for National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health. He was with the company from the year 1988 to the year 1997. He also worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, staying with the company from the year 1991 to the year 1998. He quit both companies when he co-founded Seattle Genetics. By starting his own company, he saw an opportunity to be optimally utilize his potential in offering oncological advancements to help treat cancer.


Talk Fusion Has It Going On

If there was ever a company that had it figured out and figured out to the fullest, it was Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion. This is a company that truly listens to its customers and truly values them. They know they are the lifeblood of the company and they are the reason the company has had the type of success it has had. He gives the credit to the customers and the employees. While he knows he is leading the ship, as any great leader of a company would do, he inspires people. He inspires people to be their best as much as possible and to get the most out of their lives each and every single day.


This is a cliche, but sometimes cliches are cliches for a reason. That is because they are true. People only get one crack and one shot at life. Because of this, it is important to make the most out of it, enjoy it, live it to the fullest. That is the Talk Fusion way when it’s all said and done. They are all about people pursuing their dreams. A lot of people talk about dreams, but they don’t go out there and do them. There is a big difference between talking about something and doing something.


Now, with Talk Fusion offering 30-day free trials they can finally start doing. They are the very best in voice, data, and chat, and they have the awards to prove it. Now, they don’t go around bragging about these awards or showing them off. These awards just prove that Talk Fusion is a company that people can trust and they have the proper equipment to handle whatever is thrown their way. Nothing is going to be too overwhelming or out of their reach.


One of the many wonderful things about Bob Reina is the fact that he is quick to thank his IT team every chance he gets. He knows they are the ones that are working around the clock to keep Talk Fusion bug-free and running at all times. Bob Reina and the IT team know many people rely on this product.

The New Unicorn Hair Dye From Lime Crime

The fans of the brand Lime Crime are truly excited as all their offerings have all the hues of the rainbow. In fact, color is a part of their DNA now. The founder of Lime Crime is Doe Deere. For many years she has been sporting cotton candy strands. In fact, she has used her own hair for inspiration as she launches Unicorn Hair from the company. These are semi-permanent hair dyes that are available in 13 striking hues.



The Unicorn Line is going to come in soon. Its landing page has already come on the company’s site. A lot of information is available about this product. There is a wide range of colors. The vivid baby pink has to be there. The colors go up to stone gray which means that there is something for everybody here. In keeping with the brand image, there are fun names such as Salad, and the color here is obviously a light green. Next is the color known as Leeloo. As the name suggests, it is a vivid orange color. This color is paying tribute to the character of Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element.



Another feature about the Lime Crime brand is that all the formulas are vegan as well as cruelty-free.



There are two formulas being offered by Unicorn Hair Dye. One can opt for full coverage or go for tint. Both of them have their own unique characteristics. It depends entirely on the style and choice of the person using it.



Full coverage is for the hair strands. There will be deep pigment added to them. The tint is used for creating a pastel glaze. The hair must be platinum blond or some other such light color for this.



These are semi-permanent hair dye colors. They can easily last for six weeks. In case adequate care is taken, they can last for still longer. There are 13 rainbow shades have been launched. The good news is that many more are going to follow. This product took three years in the making, but it is finally getting launched now. https://www.instagram.com/limecrimemakeup/?hl=en



A Look At How Flavio Maluf Responsibly Leads Eucatex

Flavio Maluf is an innovative leader that runs Eucatex in Brazil. Eucatex provides building materials to other companies that are made to build furniture as well as materials that are used in industry. As someone who believes in sustainability and being environmentally friendly, Flavio Maluf uses sources that are sustainable and don’t harm the environment. Most of the wood they supply is Eucalyptus which regrows very quickly. Eucatex also provides other materials such as tiles and paints.

Eucatex has been in business for more than 50 years. Their products are used not just in Brazilian products but those around the world. Everything they supply is environmentally sound earth friendly. This has been the case ever since the company was founded, which was a very unusual concept back in the 1950’s. There were barely any environmental rules at the time in Brazil but Euctex has always been a forward thinking company, a great tradition that continues under Flavio Maluf’s leadership as President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board. It was important to the founders of the company to make good profits and treat the environment with respect.

As a global company, Eucatex has offices in different cities in Brazil plus overseas offices in the United States and Germany. At Eucatex, Flavio Maluf also operates a forestry leasing program. They lease land from rural property owners who receive compensation for the value of the wood that is grown on their property. This arrangement helps out these rural property owners as they generate needed additional income.

Under Flavio Maluf’s leadership, Eucatex has won a large number of awards over the last several years. Among these is a 2011 award for Best Companies in Corporate Citizenship in Brazil, a win in 2012 for Psychologically Healthy Company Award, and another in 2012 for 150 Best Companies in People Management Practices.

Flavio Maluf is a graduate of Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado in São Paulo where he earned his degree in mechanical engineering. In addition to heading Eucatex, he was a longtime President of GrandFood. He has also worked for Citibank in New York City. http://eleicoesepolitica.com/vereador2016/vereador/MG/41114/43123/

Flavio Maluf: The Qualities of a Good Leader

For one to become a successful leader, there are a lot of factors that come into play. The first being education. Education plays a very big role in shaping leaders. Flavio Maluf has proved himself a worthy leader by getting himself well-educated. He is a graduate of the Sao Paulo based Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP). And, because he believed he was meant for greatness, he went ahead to take a business course so that he could effectively manage people when he got to the top of his career. So, he relocated to New York to pursue a master’s degree in Business Management. During this time, he learnt foreign exchange, the management of people, accounting, rural management and foreign trade. This all nurtured him for his future roles at Eucatex.


The second quality of a good leader is career experience and Flavio Maluf also excels in this area. He has served Grand Foods as the president of the company. Other than that, he has over a decade of experience, working for Eucatex, before he was promoted to be president of the company.


Flavio Maluf joined Eucatex in the year 1987. He was placed in the trade area of the company. And in the 9 years that he stayed in this segment, he received a number of promotions. In the year 1996, he had his major career breakthrough. That year two things happened. He was transferred to the industrial division of the company. Secondly, he was invited by his uncle, the then president of the company, to serve in the executive board.


In the year 1997, he was appointed as president of the company. After 8 years of rendering his services in this capacity, he was promoted to CEO of the company. He was also appointed to serve as a member in the board of directors. And, a few years ago he was chosen to lead the board as the chairman. Today he serves as the President, CEO and chairman of Eucatex. He continues to impact Brazil positively, through his roles at Eucatex. https://br.linkedin.com/in/flavio-maluf-172147b3


The “Do Good Institute” Of Bruce Levenson Shows The Need For On Campus Education

Education has seen a major evolution over recent years as increasing numbers of classes and courses are being offered in the Online environment, but Bruce Levenson‘s “Do Good Institute” is proving the opportunity to gain hands on experience on the University of Maryland campus is an important factor in educating the next generation of not for profit leaders. Established in 2010, the “Do Good Institute” has many goals, including bringing together members of the University of Maryland campus community to develop new programs that can benefit struggling aspects of the local community. See, https://www.benzinga.com/news/17/03/9165680/university-of-marylands-non-profit-initiative-is-changing-higher-education.

One of the most important aspects of the “Do Good Institute” has been its ability to bring students from across campus together in not for profit endeavors, not solely those working to achieve a major in philanthropic leadership. Bruce Levenson of the United Communications Group believes the need to attend classes on campus has been shown in the success of the work of the “Do Good Institute” in its Philanthropy 101 course that brings together students to disperse $10,000 worth of funding for good causes. Success is already being seen with graduates of the “Do Good Institute” such as Ben Simon, the founder of the Imperfect Produce not for profit group that is making an impact on the real world outside the borders of the University of Maryland campus.

Prior to the $850 million sale of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise Bruce Levenson was a major part of the work completed by the team for charitable and not for profit groups, including taking on important board positions with the I Have A Dream and Hoop Dreams foundations. Levenson also sought to make sure the youngest members of the NBA fan community were given an understanding of the issues surrounding the World War II Holocaust when the players visited the U.S. Holocaust Museum the Levenson family helped to fund.

Troy McQuage Acknowledges the Contribution US Health’s Staff While Receiving a Gold One Planet Award

Troy McQuage recently won the prestigious One Planet Awards in honor of his excellent performance as a chief executive officer of US Health. He won among competitive nominations and took home a Golden award. Troy McQuage joined US Health in 2010 and turned around the firm’s business to realize financial independence and growth. Troy stated that receiving the award was a real honor since One Planet is an internationally recognized awarding platform. He added to say that he managed to secure it due to the diligent work that US Health professionals put in. Troy assured customers that US Health would continue to upgrade services and products that will match every person’s healthcare needs and read full article.

Troy McQuage’s win was proof of his impeccable work ethic. One Planet Awards receives nominations from business professionals around the world. They honor players of both the public and private sector, as well as small and established enterprises. According to recent valuations, US Health has 1 billion dollars in sales and is ten times larger than it was in 2010, by 1093 percent. Troy earned a promotion as chief executive officer and president of US Health after working as an advisor for a couple of years. He has 33 years of experience in leadership, which he gained while working as an administrator for various companies and contact him.

Before joining US Health, Troy served as the chief executive officer and president of Health Markets Agency Marketing Group. During his tenure at US Health, he operated as leader of various US Health branches and Freedom Life Insurance of America. McQuage began his career at Allstate Insurance Company immediately after his graduation before leaving to join Student Insurance, of United Insurance Companies Inc. (UICI). He earned a promotion at UICI as president and left after one year to work for UGA. Troy’s works at UGA resulted in rapid increase in sales in a short period. He is an alumnus of Central Florida University, where he earned a bachelor in business administration in 1983. In addition to having an illustrative financial and leadership career, Troy is an enthusiastic philanthropist whose works include donating to Hope Kid in Texas, Dallas, and Semper Fi Fund Crisis Nursery of Phoenix.

JeanMarie Guenot Builds Another Success

Very rarely within a lifetime will the average person lead a company to financial and critical success at https://www.crunchbase.com/person/jeanmarie-guenot. For most, the idea of even starting a company let alone taken on the multi-million dollar responsibility of ensuring shareholders interests are protected is beyond the realm of rational thought. Though for a few intrepid and intelligent individuals, leading a business into the black and further innovation is not only a singular moment but a daily occurrence.

Such is the case with Amphivena Therapeutic’s CEO and Founder, Jeanmarie Guenot. The doctor, pharmaceutical expert, and CEO has built her career upon leading companies forward into the future with a focus on business strategy and well-crafted research and development.

JeanMarie Guenot and the Success of Amphivena Therapeutic

JeanMarie Guenot’s latest entry into her storied career is filled not only with the success of an adept business woman but also with that of a dedicated medical practitioner. Together with the talented team over at Amphivena Therapeutic, JeanMarie Guenot has led the company to some rather groundbreaking discoveries within the field of cancer research. The work that Guenot’s team has accomplished has been mentioned in several medical publications for its revolutionary way of tackling the signs of cancer that are often found in a patient’s blood.

Creating A Cancer-Free Tomorrow

The devastation that is wrought upon those unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with cancer has caused many researchers to dedicate their lives to finding a way to stopping the deadly disease. Now the work of Amphivena Therapeutic is bringing that dream a bit closer to reality. The groundbreaking research and work performed at their facilities has found a way to lessen the suffering of those afflicted by blood-borne cancers.

If you would like to learn more about the breakthroughs taking place at Amphivena Therapeutic please visit their website for more information.

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The Coaching Career Of Yanni Hufnagel

In many ways Yanni Hufnagel is a nice Jewish boy. He was raised in Scarsdale and was cut from his high school basketball team. He is now an assistant coach in basketball at Harvard. He became one of the hottest coaches after the incredible success of the Crimson’s and he won the Ivy League.


The Jewish Coaches Association has approximately thirty Division-I coaches in their rank. Yanni Hufnagel and the Memphis coach Josh Pastner show the most promise. They are having a showdown for Jewish coaching. In 2011 Hufnagel was voted assistant coach who is going to make the big time because of his recruiting ability. Pastner even stated Yanni Hufnagel was a better recruiter than him.


Yanni Hufnagel’s best sport was lacrosse and he played a season for Penn State. He just was not good enough to make it as a basketball player. This was why he began calling games for his towns television station. He showed an amazing ability to analyze basketball. He was a basketball manager during his first year at Cornell. He then served a fall and summer internship with the New Jersey Nets.


Yanni Hufnagel got his big break right after high school. Ryan Krueger connected him with Coach Jeff Capel who needed a graduate assistant. He made another move in 2009 when he was recommended by Capel for a job as a volunteer assistant coach. He got the job and began recruiting immediately. Hufnagel is one of the very best recruiters for two reasons. First he can talk to anyone and second he is an incredible salesman. He is often described as a hard man not to like.


Yanni Hufnagel has been a part of the Harvard Crimson basketball program for men, the Vanderbilt Commodores as an assistant coach, the coaching staff for the California Golden Bears, and was an assistant coach for the University of Nevada Wolf Pack.




Almost Living On the Edge