Marc Sparks Gives the Entrepreneur a Chance to Grow

Marc Sparks is a champion of the socially conscious business of establishing better companies for people that are trying to improve their business strategies. Sparks has managed to lure a lot of people into the business world because he is someone that knows a lot about how businesses should function. He has a lot of experience in starting businesses, and he has been called a serial entrepreneur for all of his endeavors. He has been able to change the course of the way that entrepreneurs look at starting businesses. Much of this has to do with his approach and his perspective on the way that businesses work.

What Sparks believes is that business leaders should learn about the business that they are interested in. It will not matter how many degrees they have if they have no actual knowledge of what they are trying to put their money into. This has helped them quite a bit when it comes to serial investing in different businesses. Sparks takes time to get to know what his businesses are doing. This is the way that he becomes more knowledgeable about how to run these businesses. It has also become the way that he has been able to grow many businesses and maximize his profits.

Marc Sparks gains so many entrepreneurs this way, and he continues to show even more people what they need to do with the Spark Tank challenge. This has become the thing that people are looking forward to if they have a socially conscious business. This is the area that Marc Sparks has put a lot of time into, and he wants people to become much more knowledgeable of the businesses that they are trying to bring to the market. Learn more:

There are so many entrepreneurs that do not take time to really assess what everybody else is doing. What Marc Sparks wants people to do is become much more familiar with their adversaries in order to help them compete with the competition. That is why the Spark Tank challenge is so relevant. This allows people to compete with other entrepreneurs that have socially-conscious businesses as well. This gives him much more leverage when it comes to building better business opportunities. More people have the ability to compete successfully when they are aware of what their competition has in the store.

Sparks has always taking interest in the challenges that come with businesses. This is how he has learned, and this is how he is teaching others to become more knowledgeable about entrepreneurship as well. He puts people up against one another in competition so that they can learn where their business is lacking. He gives entrepreneurs a chance to grow.

Jason Hope, An Eye on the Future

If you want to know where technology will be in the next ten years, there is no one better qualified to answer this than Jason Hope. Hope is a graduate of Arizona State University who has become a well known and successful tech entrepreneur. Two major fields of interest to Jason these days are IoT (Internet of Things) and SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence). These technologies should peak your interest as well. Jason Hope not only believes in the absolute use of technological advancements, he is putting his money where his mouth is contributing large investments for those projects that that further the development of these fields.

Jason Hope has high regard for the IoT movement within our current technology. What started as smart phone’s and small tablets is now being applied to appliances and even some clothing. Hope believes that humans will only have their everyday lives greatly improved by this movement. Using as an example, Jason believes that through IoT involvement in public transportation, humanity will become much more comfortable in the use of the many different modes for transportation reducing waste and helping the environment. As the growing network of IoT applications expands, efficiency in everything that people are involved with will be greatly improved to learn more: click here.

The SENS technology is perhaps less developed however strongly supported by Mr. Hope. It is his belief that through technology, the medical profession will be able to not only diagnose major illnesses more easily, doctors will be able to see minute shifts in a persons health indicators and be able to determine immediate courses of action to stop or even repair any damage caused. The range of study and development is overwhelming with in the SENS technology because there are so many fields in which it can be applied. Jason commits a large part of his philanthropic efforts into the SENS development which defines his belief in slowing or even reversing some of the aging mechanisms.

Jason Hope has an eye on the future and the benefit of applied technology in the paths of peoples lives. We should keep an eye on Jason just to make sure we are able to benefit from the ever extending map of what is coming next.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Development Prodigy

Is someone born a prodigy or are they exposed to a concept early in life and master it at a young age? Whichever is true, Jason Halpern can be called a genius. Much of Jason’s father-son times were spent on construction sites his father was overseeing. Eventually, his father allowed him to attend meetings.

By the time Jason was in high school, he was working summer jobs on certain sites. He performed tasks that ranged from simple labor to managing the property. His construction-based upbringing sparked a passion in Jason that he would later establish as his development company. JMH Development is Jason’s residential real estate development enterprise. JMH specializes in turning abandoned properties into some of the most luxurious properties.

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

JMH is a nationally recognized development property. Although it’s developed properties all over America, currently, it has several projects being developed in New York and Miami. One of his most recent accomplishments was a development in South Beach. The luxury hotel, Aloft South Beach was completed late last year. Although he has many projects to attend to, Jason makes it a point to spend ample time on each project after completion.

Jason’s Own Time

One of his earliest projects, 184 Kent, is one of his most notable developments. With he purchased the original building in 2008, it was an abandoned warehouse. He committed JMH Development to a two-year renovation and transformed the property into 338 apartments. It was originally in a rundown neighborhood that most had condemned it as a ghost town. After JMH’s renovation, all 338 apartments were leased in less than a year. The neighborhood has since begun to come back to life.

Jason’s renovation was so spectacular because his company was able to provide condominium level finishes without jeopardizing the integrity of the structure. To increase the luxury reputation of the building, Jason asked that the Brooklyn Arts Council curate a double-height wall in the main lobby. The art piece was to rotate in the lobby for a year, but Jason loved the piece so much that he purchased it and continued to hang in 184 Kent’s lobby. Shortly after completion, 184 Kent won a Building Brooklyn Award in the Adaptive Reuse category.

DanieldelaVega, AvivSiso, Laura Garcia, LouisBuckworth, ThomasJuulHansen and JasonHalpern

Another great Brooklyn property development by JMH is Cobble Hill. Along with Gerard Longo, another developer, Jason plans to build nine townhouses. Four of the townhouses are being created from an existing building, but the other five have to be built from scratch. Jason plans on making these townhouses just as luxurious as 184 Kent’s apartments. He loves the challenge of using unique architecture and overcoming the barriers presented by renovating and reusing.

George Soros: A success in so many ways

*A Closer Look at George Soros:

George Soros is a well known Investor, Businessman as well as accomplished author. George Soros is of Hungarian ancestry. Soros left Hungary and emigrated to England in the late 1940’s. Mr. Soros is considered by many to be one of the most successful Investors in the entire world. At present, it is estimated that George Soros is worth $20 Billion dollars. Read his profile at Forbes.

George Soros graduated from the London School of Economics with a Bachelor degree. In addition, Soros also received a Masters Degree in Philosophy from London School of Economics. Mr. Soros has always been a strong advocate of higher education.

After graduation Soros began his business career by accepted various jobs at different banks. However, Soros made the decision to start first Hedge Fund in 1969. George Soros started his first hedge fund in 1969 which was named “Double Eagle”.

Double Eagle was quite successful. Soros decided to start a second Hedge Fund one later. Therefore, in late 1970 George Soros began Soros Fund Management. It seemed everything George Soros set out to do turned out to be successful. A few years after the creation of Soros Fund Management the original “Double Eagle” was renamed “Quantum Fund”.

George Soros ran “Quantum Fund. By the mid 1970’s Quantum Fund had assets which exceeded $10 million dollars. It was quite evident that George Soros was a successful businessman who was not afraid of taking risks.

The Quantum Fund was a huge success and by early 2012 the company had reported assets in excess of $21 billion dollars. Soros was commonly referred to as the “Man that Broke the Bank of England”.

George Soros has stated publically that he attributes his business success by applying “Karl Poppers Theory of Relativity”. Soros claims by applying simple theories set forth by Karl Popper it enabled him to establish a firm understanding of how the market works. In addition, George Soros also stated Poppers Theory of Relativity helped him to understand fundamental market values as well as the value of securities.

George Soros is a strong supporter of liberal political causes. In addition, he established the “Open Society Foundation”. Soros contributed over 8 billion dollars to the “Open Society Foundation” over a period of twenty years.

George Soros contributed huge sums of money to colleges and Universities around the world. Soros made additional sizable contributions to Central European University which is located in his hometown. No one is completely certain however, it is estimated that Soros contributed close to 1 billion dollars to the Central European University. Read more on

George Soros has published several books related to economics and successful business trading. There seems to be no limit to what George Soros can accomplish. Mr. Soros shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. More than likely he will continue managing his company and he will continue to reach out to others in need. His educational contributions have helped countless individuals receive the education that they probably would not have had.

The Top 5 Lime Crime Products

Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that has been in the industry for almost 10 years. They offer bold unique colors as well as smooth luxurious formulas. Each product they offer is unique and one-of-a-kind. Below are the top five products that the company has to offer.


Unicorn lipstick


The Unicorn lipstick is probably one of their most popular selling products to date. Not only does it come in a large variety of fun colors such as mint and purple but it also comes in adorable pink Packaging. The formula is Matte but very creamy and even smells like cupcakes.


Perlees Lip Product


The Perlees lip line is a gorgeous soft Pearl like gloss that leaves the lips feeling Lush and moisturized. It leaves a soft Sheen and has a rich creamy formula. The Lush floral packaging is very cute and the lip wear is very long wearing.


Diamond Crushers


The diamond Crushers lip line is a beautiful lip line that can be worn alone or over matte liquid lipstick. It does not run or bleed and gives a beautiful iridescent shine to the lips. It can be used on the cheeks as well for a gorgeous highlight. It offers all day staying powder and comes in a variety of Great colors.


Superfoils Eyeshadow


One of the most Unique Products the company offers is this superfoils eye-shadow. The duo comes in a variety of bold and Innovative colors and can be used both wet and dry. Using it dry gives a gorgeous foil looking effect while wearing it wet gives it a beautiful sparkling effect.


Liquid Liner


Another great product that Lime Crime has to offer is the liquid eyeliner. The liner is available in bold very pigmented colors that are not only fun but also very long wearing. The ultra thin brush allows for a very precise application and the matte finish allows for a nice smooth look.


These are just a few of the top products that Lime Crime has to offer. Each product is unique and offers a one-of-a-kind look and feel. Not only are the colors bold and expressive but they also last a very long time.

How PodcastOne is beneficial today

Norman Pattiz and Tom Webster proclaimed the results of some comprehensive studies. The results were from some advertising tests with some major consumer brands nationwide. The products were from five various service and product categories.

The study showed some significant impact of podcast advertising and the recall of the brand. Edison Research, on behalf of PodcastOne, had done some studies.

The studies aimed at examining how effective the podcast advertising is for the national brands. Some of the brands were ones that were well known but were passing a new message. The other brands were not so popular and were looking for an increase in the awareness and trial.

In both the cases, there were online surveys of the audiences that were carried out before the podcasts were conducted. There were also studies before the running of these podcasts and later on when the podcasts were used in the advertising.

They used the same methods in all these cases. The results that were obtained from all these situations indicated that the audiences from these podcasts responded well to the brand messages. They were now more willing to use and buy the brands.

Tom Webster, the vice president of Strategy at Edison Research, claims that he was excited to partner with the PodcastOne and the five leading brand in the test. He claims that the methods they used allowed them to be able to study the audiences.

They could do this before and after they had run these campaigns. He claims that they were able to prove that advertising with the podcast method had a significant impact on the key effectiveness measures.

Norman Pattiz is the executive chairman and the founder of PodcastOne. He has more than 40 years of experience in the field of the radio industry. He has also founded Westwood One. In the year 2010, Norman was able to launch and found the Courtside Entertainment Group.

The group produces and distributes quality programming. The organization can identify the opportunities that have not yet been tapped.

To add on to the background that he has on broadcasting, Mr. Pattiz serves at the University of California. He serves as the regent. He is also a chairman in the laboratories of the Los Alamos National Security and Lawrence Livermore. He also belongs to the members of the council of the Pacific Council on International Relations.

Another organization that has him in the council is the Foreign Relations. He has been able to hold several awards including the Giants of Broadcasting Award.

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Beloved Australian Boutique Honey Birdette to Expand UK Presence

The Industry London just released an incredible announcement from Australia’s Honey Birdette Boutique. Honey Birdette is Australia’s first ever sensuality boutique. They opened 3 locations in the United Kingdom last year and now, upon gauging that success, are rolling out over 30 more locations. By the end of 2018 there will be 40 Honey Birdette stores in the United Kingdom!

There have been 10 locations announced, according to The Industry London. Among those are Liverpool, Westfield, Leeds, Newcastle and Stratford. This news is a sign of major success and growth for Honey Birdette. The 3 locatoins opened last year were the first opened outside of Australia and if founder Eloise Monaghan was at all nervous about the success of those first 3 locations, it is appraent they did quite well.

The Industry London announcement also included the fact that Honey Birdette has rolled out a new website for Americans who want to shop their products. According to the announcement, the amount of sales done by American shoppers grow 374% in 2016. This growth showed demand for a new site designed just for Americans. The site is currently live and will offer American shoppers access to a greater amount of Honey Birdette products shipped to America. It will also provide American with free shipping when they purchase over $50 of products and states it will provide faster shipping and a simpler return process. It was also stated that Honey Birdette is actively scouting for American locations.

When Eloise founded Honey Birdette in 2006 she felt it was a need Australia had: a sensuality boutique that offered a fancier exprience for those that expected class and would pay for it. The first location was a smashign success and the Honey Birdette empire grew and grew throughout Australia until it reached the 50+ locations that are open today.

Getting Out of Comfort Zone and Experiencing Success Like Lori Senecal

It can be very tempting to stay in one’s comfort zone. The only thing is that the comfort zone can be hindering for people in that they might be limited in the type of success that they experience because of their willingness to stay within their shell. Fortunately, there are people that take risks and get outside of their comfort zone so that they can experience life to the fullest. One of these people is Lori Senecal. She has made it a habit to get out of her comfort zone. This is one of the reasons that she has been a successful advertiser.

According to Campaigne Live, Lori also knows her strengths and weaknesses. This is one thing that attracts many clients to her. Someone who is aware of herself like Lori is can bring forth trust. Therefore, she is going to be someone who is worth following as an example in any company she works for. One thing that has gotten her into leaving her comfort zone is the fact that she is a shy introvert as she describes herself. This makes it a little challenging for her to connect with people. However, it is a challenge she enjoys taking on because she knows that success requires a lot of risk.

As a child, she has studied and even coached gymnastics. This has definitely brought forth a lot of growth in her. For one thing, she has learned what it takes to be a leader. She has also developed some important traits for leadership. This is one of the reasons that she has been effective as a leader. Lori Senecal is an example of why it is important for people to leave their comfort zone. People who stay in their comfort zone may feel a little safer. However, they miss out on some really good experiences.

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Use Agora financial for the best financial advice

Agora Financial youtube video summary
Investing for people that do not have the technical know how of investing can be such a big head ache. Knowing the timing, place and how to invest can consume a lot of time to understand when you are not a financial expert. There is a lot of conflicting advice that is available everywhere. There are also other entities that want to benefit from the savings. They include brokers, politicians, bankers, insurance companies and also the tax agents.

Agora Financial has been at the fore front to ensure that everyone including those that are not financial experts is able to make investment decisions with ease. They do this through different methods that include, online publications, books, and seminars. Many investors are using Agora’s approach to create wealth and also to earn money.

There are over 20 publications from Agora that are designed to help an investor navigate through different sectors of the market. The publications help the investor in identifying which companies to invest in as well accessing the different secrets that will help the investor in generating money while at the same time protecting the amount that an investor has created. Agora financial spends a lot of resources in helping the staff travel around the world to identify the different investment opportunities. This ensures that the investor is well updated on where to invest before the opportunity becomes too expensive. Agora Financial Has predicted many international financial happenings of the last decade. The predictions include the rise of gold, the mortgage crisis and the spike in oil prices. Many people lost on these opportunities but people who had the Agora Financial information thrived.

About Agora Financial
Agora Financial provides independent financial interpretation. It does this via online publications and print media, books and seminars. Their comments about the market are unbiased, conventional and honest.

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David McDonald, Leading and Growing OSI Group

David McDonald is COO and President of OSI Group. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University where he graduated in 1987. McDonald serves as Chairman of the North American Meat Institute. He joined OSI Group nearly 30 years ago and has been a part of OSI Group’s extraordinary growth over the years.

McDonald believes this growth has occurred as a result of two main components. First, OSI Group is an international company that operates with a local management mindset. David McDonald says the company is fixed on staying true to its core values of food safety and quality. Because OSI is a family oriented company, it is dedicated to producing top quality products suitable to serve to its own family members. He also says the company has recognized the need to understand the desires of the local customer as well. The “local” customer could refer to those in the U.S., Asia, or Europe since OSI Group operates in 17 countries. Customers in Asia, for example, may not be looking for the same solutions as those in Europe. Understanding and adapting to those needs has helped the growth of OSI.

McDonald says partnering has been another key to the growth of OSI because partnering is required not only with customers but also with government agencies in many cases. Many different regulating agencies are involved in food processing in the U.S. and around the world. McDonald says the “local management” aspect of the business has helped tremendously when it comes to partnering with regulating agencies and understanding the requirements of the many different entities throughout the countries where OSI currently serves.

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