Don Ressler and His Quest for Better Activewear

Athletic wear for women used to fall into two different categories. It was either fashionable or affordable, and there were no in-between options available. However, that didn’t make it any less attractive. If anything, the popularity of activewear was only growing, and people took notice. The market and the demand for something better was there, and Don Ressler took notice of the trend. He realized that there was an enormous potential for creating something better and something that women actually would like to wear. He knew that women wanted something that would look good and something that would not break the bank in the process. Don Ressler put his thinking cap on and co-founded Fabletics.


Don Ressler and his colleague and friend Adam Goldenberg who worked together before they co-founded the company wanted to create a revolution in how activewear is perceived and used. They looked at what women wanted in tests and focus groups that helped iron out the real interest there was. There were not enough size options, and most activewear was made after a ‘one size fits all’ principle. The better-styled clothing was too expensive, and the affordable end of the spectrum had no style. They also noticed that the quality was terrible while the clothing pieces were uncomfortable to wear, let alone use for exercising.


Don Ressler took all of these issues to the drawing board and worked together with actress Kate Hudson who also believed that there could be a better way. They were able to shift the understanding of brand. Kate was interested in the process, and her connection with media also helped propel the brand forward. It allowed their idea to become a reality and to connect with people.


They created a better shopping experience for women, offering them a wide variety of clothes that are stylish but comfortable. High-quality materials and the option of putting together their outfit. The website is attractive and easy on the eyes, and they worked hard on an appealing marketing campaign where Kate Hudson’s input was invaluable.


Offering women clothes that they wanted to wear without costing an arm and a leg were also a successful campaign, and the company was able to grow in a short period. Don Ressler and his colleagues put a lot of work into the project, and he is pleased with the success. However, he doesn’t want to stop at that, so the company wants to continue growing.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg: Bringing Fashion and Technology Together

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Being a successful entrepreneur is not all about how much you know but rather the drive and passion you have towards what you want to invest in. This is the case of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, two successful entrepreneurs in fashion. Despite them having no prior knowledge in fashion, their unrelenting drive to succeed and their keen awareness of market needs made them co-found Techstyle Fashion Group. Subsidiary fashion-oriented companies make up the group.


Their Road to Success

Adam Goldenberg plunged into the world of business at the tender age of fifteen years, when he started his own company, Gamers Alliance. The company was an advertising network which focused on gaming websites. Gamers Alliance was acquired by Intermix Media in 1999 and Adam was appointed at Intermix’s VP of Strategic Planning. This prompted him to drop out of high school to take up this position. By the age of 20, he had become Intermix’s COO.


Don Ressler’s career also had almost a similar approach. In 2011, his website, the was also acquired by Intermix. Ressler had done tremendously well in raising funds for various online companies which was an inspiration for him to enter the fashion industry.


The duo met while working at Intermix and their friendship blossomed into a business partnership that led to co-founding their first company, Intelligent Beauty, an e-commerce venture that also led to a sequence of other brands that they started together. This collaboration in business made them start brainstorming about the new way of online shopping. In their research, they had discovered that comfortable and trendy clothing was in high demand and most customers had no easy way of finding personalized fashion.


That is where the idea of TechStyle Fashion Group was born. First in line in the list of TechStyle’s companies was JustFab. The mode of operation for this new firm was to allow member commit monthly subscriptions for clothing to access custom sports attire and accessories. JustFab also demonstrates how people can match and mix fashion pieces giving them confidence on their personal fashion preferences.


Techstyle has demonstrated that fashion can be matched with technology to bring satisfaction to its customers. Lovers of fashion enthusiasts have described it as an avenue where Silicon Valley blends with Fashion.


The duo’s commitment to social responsibility has been a recipe for TechStyle’s success in the fashion industry. Don and Adam’s focus is not only on profit but the intent to improve lives through fashion.


For Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg’s future is so bright and so is that of Techstyle. Their business potential will always see it that TechStyle succeeds and even open more companies in the future. They will strive to see it that the company grows to fulfill its mission of making active wear that looks fabulous on its wearers and gives them value for their money.

Rocketship Education: Launching Students To Success

Rocketship Education works to help their students with all their education-related issues. While Rocketship Education is a part of the educational system, it stands out from the other public school options. They are specifically working to improve education in the San Jose area.

They are working to prove to their numerous students that it is possible to live better lives by making sure to get a good education. This is one goal that helps Rocketship Education to thrive and continue to offer their instructional services to the families of students who do not think they are able to afford the costs of an actual, brick and mortar private school. They make no profit either.


Rocketship Education is actually a non-profit company. Because of this, they are not permitted by law to charge their students and their parents anything for services provided. Any money made by Rocketship Education is funneled into the system and to the group of people who are involved in their educational system.

The Program

The Rocketship Education program has given parents the opportunity to make certain that all their children are getting the best education possible. While public schools are also non-profit organizations, the people behind Rocketship Education feel it is important to note that their non-public charter school does what they do in order to demonstrate to people that their educational organization is able to do more with the resources available to them. The Rocketship Education charter school works to use any methods available to help their student body.

The staff at Rocketship Education does it in such a way that makes it easier than normal to provide students with every opportunity possible. In order to do all this, of course, they have reportedly had to work very hard to show the public what they are capable of doing for potential students. Online sources confirm that it has not always been easy for them to create a positive instructional experience but their collective efforts have been well worth it in the end. The bottom line is that students benefit from a Rocketship Education.

Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies Acquires JPay Inc

On July 31, 2015, Securus Technologies made an announcement that it had acquired JPay Inc. JPay is a leading technology company that incorporates email, electronic payments as well as educational and entertainment related apps to correctional facilities. Currently, JPay is operational in more than 33 state prison systems and is based in Miramar, Florida and more information click here.


JPay Inc Transaction

JPay was established in 2002 as a digital platform that provides inmates with access to email,books, games, music and shopping. According to Rick Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, the JPay acquisition positions Securus into the fastest growing segments and correctional agencies can get access to high tech software to stop crime and reduce recidivism. As a result, Mr. Smith will continue to operate JPay as a wholly owned subsidiary of Securus Technologies.


Rick Smith’s Commentary on Customer Emails

Securus Technologies serves over 2,600 law enforcement, public safety and corrections agencies as well as more than 1,000,000 inmates within North America. The company’s headquarters is based in Dallas, Texas. Rick Smith has been an outstanding leader in Securus Technologies. He has successfully guided his professional team to offer exceptional customer service and respond to all emails in a bid to interact with their customers and movie produced by Rick Smith.

Mr.Smith strongly believes that Securus Technologies is a strong investment, therefore, proposals for product and service development are released once a week to help correctional and law enforcement agencies prevent and solve crimes. Rick Smith acknowledges the fact that Securus Technologies has received thousands of emails and letters as the company continues to provide quality services and as Smith stated yesterday.


About Rick Smith

Rick Smith serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer at Securus Technologies. Prior to that, Mr.Smith has worked for several organizations. For example, in 1972, he kick-started his career at Global Crossing North America Inc. Later on, he progressed and became the Chief Financial Officer at Eschelon Telecom Inc. in 1998. In 2000, he became the Chief Operating Officer and President within the same firm and his Linkedin.

Rick Smith’s educational background is mainly focused in the technology field. Rick holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Engineering from the University State of New York situated at Buffalo. He also holds a Technology Associate Degree and MBA from Rochester Institute and the University of Rochester respectively.

Nick Vertucci Describes Course Offerings at NVREA

Nick Vertucci has recently discussed the course content and offerings listed at his real estate education company, the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Vertucci developed the real estate education platform in 2013 in an effort to help beginners and average citizens learn to successfully navigate the real estate business. Vertucci credits real estate informative seminars for his ability to provide for his family following the loss of his primary career after the dot com bubble burst. Since he became involved in the industry more than a decade ago, Vertucci has become passionate about introducing new people to the wonderful world of real estate. In a recent publication, the businessman discussed details about the programs offered in his educational program.


Wholesaling and Flipping Houses

One of Vertucci’s most popular courses is one that educates new real estate developers on the art of purchasing houses wholesale and flipping them. According to Vertucci, the main income that real estate developers will earn comes from the ability to flip houses. A house flip refers to the process where purchasers buy a home that is dilapidated or run down, make repairs to the foundation, improve aesthetic features to make the home appealing to new buyers, and sell the home for a profit. Taking the course on wholesale purchase and home flips at NVREA will improve the knowledge of potential real estate developers regarding the process.


Rehabbing Properties

Vertucci’s real estate development program also teaches future developers how to rehab properties in profitable ways. Vertucci stated that property rehabs can increase the general income of real estate developers because they can offer rehab services apart from a general home flipping business. This way, developers can earn a living even during the times where they are waiting for a recently flipped home to be sold. Vertucci recommends his property rehab course to all future real estate developers.


Commercial Investments

Nick Vertucci also recommends his commercial investments course to those who may be considering real estate development. Vertucci stated that commercial investments often yield tremendous results and can make real estate developers very prosperous in the long run. In this course, Nick Vertucci walks future real estate developers through a step by step process which describes the best practices in commercial investments. Vertucci also helps real estate developers to understand how the purchase of buildings that can be used for businesses or offices can help attract potential customers.

Don Ressler Searches for Brand Loyalty With Customers

Don Ressler is becoming something of a marketing genius when it comes to the expansion of his brands. He knows better than anyone else how to take a brand from being unknown to a successful establishment that becomes a household name. He has done this with JustFab. He is on the verge of doing this with Fabletics. It seems like quite a monumental task to take, but Don Ressler seems to do it well. In fact, it appears to be something that he thrives on because he is well acquainted with building brands that attract female customers.


Don Ressler did not become an overnight pro when it comes to this. He has had a ton of experience through early companies like Intelligent Beauty. This is something that he was working on and making a profit with in 2012. In 2017 Intelligent Beauty is no longer in existence, but the blueprint for this company is still growing strong. What Don Ressler would do with cosmetics early on is the same thing that he is essentially doing with retail clothing. God has found a way to make customers take interest in things like subscription services. This is where the money lies for JustFab, Fab kids, Fabletics and ShoeDazzle.


It can be quite a challenging thing to get consumers that are actually willing to sign up for automated shipments of clothes and shoes that are unseen, but this is how Don Ressler has made substantial profits. He allows women to pick the types of clothes that they are interested in based on a lifestyle profile quiz. This is the blueprint that is in place for JustFab, Fabletics and all the other growing brands that Don Ressler and business partner Adam Goldenberg have put into play.


This is not the only way the clothes are sold through these website, but it appears to be the most successful way to get people to buy clothes on a regular basis. This is the thing that Don Ressler puts his attention towards the most. It is all about getting people interested in patronizing your brand over and over again. A one-time purchase is nice, but one time purchases are not going to sustain a business model. Don realizes that it takes a lot of patrons that are willing to go in for the long haul. He wants to build a brand that people will become loyal to.

Jason Hope’s Success and Why the Internet of Things will Change the Future

The Internet of Things, or IoT for short, is one of the most recent and modern technologies in the world. It is an amazing way to connect simple devices to each other and have different functionalities that weren’t previously doable without sensors.

One of the most influential entrepreneurs and philanthropists in the tech world has stated himself that the Internet of Things is the greatest wave of advancement in the industry of technology, which is a big, bold statement. However, Jason Hope, one of the most significant voices in the Tech industry, definitely knows what he is talking about.

Jason Hope didn’t initially receive his degree in the technology industry, as he graduated in finances from the Arizona State University, and later received a Business MBA from the ASU’s W.P. Carey School. He intended to become an entrepreneur and administrator of success, but little did he know that he would fall in love for technological innovations.

Nowadays, many businesspeople come after Jason Hope for aid in technology development, including the development of mobile apps and games, as well as applications software for computer and Mac. The entrepreneur is the founder and owner of Mobile Technology, a strong software development company.

Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things has great promises, and that it isn’t only a great innovation. Instead, it is the technology that many departments in different industries were waiting for in order to provide a better service, better consulting and improved research. The IoT technology can be used to prevent accidents, making sure that different departments are connected, and telling an individual when the refrigerator is sort of supplies, for example. The technology has enough to change the future and the way industries design their products.

Apart from being an entrepreneur of influence and a technology enthusiast, Jason Hope is a very active philanthropist who has funded dozens of noble causes and charitable events. He actively supports startups as well, especially those related to the Tech industry and that have great promises to be relevant.

The entrepreneur lives and works in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he can be found giving lessons as a mentor to many students about innovations in the Tech industry and about what they can expect to change in the future.

As an entrepreneur that deals with technology and a student that is always learning new things in the field, Jason Hope is very excited for the era where Internet of Things will be everywhere, which, according to the owner of Mobile Technology himself, won’t take very long to come.

If you would like to learn more about the entrepreneur and what he has achieved through his years developing technologies, you can find Jason Hope in CrunchBase, or around Scottsdale.

David Giertz and his Advice on Retirement

David Giertz who is a financial advisor says that retirees have a habit of saving their money than just spending their hard-earned money. According to him, older people can look for responsible ways to enjoy their money and still enjoy their lives. Every senior can find ways of having fun when they retire with the assistance of cash reserves and budgets. David Giertz says that they key to a retirement that is successful is planning for the future with a high degree of diligence. Many millionaires are always focused on depositing extra money on their savings accounts, rather than planning for vacations with their family and friends. According to David, this often leads to a negative attitude of the person towards spending the accumulated funds.

David Giertz says that it is often hard for many retirees to let go of some of their savings. Although it is a great virtue to have financial discipline, many people frequently misunderstand the purpose of saving money. David Giertz adds that many seniors require additional money following their retirement since social security benefits is not sufficient income for the average retirees. On top of these, the same retirees also require to have fun after working hard for many years at their jobs.

With over 30 years worth of experience, David Giertz is known as one of the most experienced financial advisors. He was the President at the sales and distribution department at the Nationwide Financial. While working at the company, the financial advisor managed to contribute hugely when it came to the profits of the company where he helped the company grow from $11 billion to over $17.8 billion. In the past, David Giertz served as a distributor and leader of retirement plans, life insurance policies, mutual funds, annuities and many others. He previously worked at Citigroup as a financial advisor for ten years.

Nick Vertucci Real Estate

Many people want to enter real estate but do not have the knowledge or funds to enter the industry. Nick Vertucci is a prime example of someone who has broken through these barriers and created a name for himself in the real estate world. Having come from a not well off family and having to handle adversity such as sleeping in his van at 18, Nick Vertucci has proven that with hard work and perseverance anyone can make something of themselves. Nick attended a workshop with a great mentor in real estate that inspired him to work hard and never give up. It took him a decade to shape his system and now he is ready to share that profit machine with the world and anyone who is willing to listen. Many people want to make it in the real estate world, but now there is a solid learning opportunity to gain that edge to succeed.


Nick Vertucci now runs an academy called the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Founded in 2013 this Academy enables people to gain the knowledge and skills they need to not only accomplish their goals in real estate but to crush them and set new goals even higher. Students will exactly how to gain capital, lock in deals with low prices, then flip those deals to make a massive profit. There are numerous testimonials to this Academy of students have massive success and building their financial goals in the real estate industry all thanks to Nick. The website to his school is very well built and very informative. Anyone can go to the site and learn exactly how to become a student.


Nick Vertucci has had his success in the real estate industry, and now he wants to share his skills with the world and to anyone that wants to make money and build wealth. He is a great teacher and mentor, allowing students to go from a low point in their life to the highest point and beyond, just like he did. Nick understand hunger and knows how to fulfill that hunger with success. Students are inspired by Nick and his wealth of knowledge. Nick is a great speaker and motivator. He is inspired by his goals and wants everyone to have the success that he has had. Nick has built a fortune in the real estate business, and now you can too with his help.


Vincent Parascandola the current Senior Executive Vice President of the AXA Advisors, LLC, is an alumnus of the Fordham University. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Business Economics as well as a Masters of Business Administration Finance option in the years 2010 and 2011 respectively. He is a specialist in Financial Services, Asset Management, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning and Life Insurance.

AXA Advisors, LLC, is a subsidiary of the AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company based in the New York City, United States. According to Wallet Hub, its mandate is to provide brokerage as well as distribution services to the AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company. Vincent Parascandolas’ responsibilities at the AXA Advisors has been developing professionals, recruiting, conducting sales operations, developing management strategies for the agency among others.

Vincent Parascandola has worked for more than two and a half decades in the financial management industry. He got his first job in in the year 1987 as an agent at the Prudential where he was named the National Rookie of the year. He later moved to the Money Life Insurance Company in 1990 where he rose from local to regional management positions until he joined the AXA Advisors, LLC, in the year 2004. At the AXA Advisors, Mr. Parascandola started working as a co-manager of the New York Metro Branch which had about 400 financial experts. He was later promoted to be President of The Advantage Group which is a subsidiary of the AXA Equitable that was created to be an attraction to seasonal financial experts. Parascandola later became a Divisional President and finally Senior Executive Vice President of the AXA Advisors, LLC.

Vincent Parascandola has also earned a number of leadership and management awards in his career among them the GAMA’s Career Development Master Agency Awards. The former General Agents and Managers Association (GAMA) member, Florida Chapter President and LIMRA’s Field Officers Committee Chair is also an outstanding professional public speaker who has participated in major industry as well as company conferences among them the GAMA’s National LAMP Meeting and the LIMRA’s distribution conferences. Read more about financial planning


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