Nick Vertucci: Property ‘Writes’

Retired police officer Nick Vertucci is a businessman, entrepreneur, and, more recently, a new real estate consultant. Vertucci is also a mentor, a coach, a real estate investor, a mentor, a coach, he happy host of the radio program “The Real Estate Flipping Hour” and the famous founder of the profitable “Flip With Nick” seminars. He currently works out of Orange, California.

Verducci’s Professional Background

Nick Verducci also once served as the president and the CEO (chief executive officer) (CEO) of Coastline Micro, Inc. He held those positions from 2001 to 2007. He is presently the man behind the Nick Vertucci Companies.

The Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc. concentrates on devising answers to various problems with investing money in bank-held property foreclosures. He and his employees work to walk their customers through their process step by step when working on property investment projects. Vertucci and his staff have a reputation for making it a simple, easy process to succeed in real estate investment.

He also oversees the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy which Vertucci launched back in 2013. Since it first launched, his real estate program has been said to be quite successful. Vertucci aids pupils across the nation meet their specific goals via successful and effective investments in real estate.

Vertucci’s Education

Before Vertucci joined the workforce, he was a student at Canyon High School in Anaheim, California. He graduated from there in 1984. He would soon garner a number of work skills that are essential to his present-day field.

Nick Vertucci’s areas of expertise now include sales, REO, leases, investment properties, investing, foreclosures, and buyer representation. On his alma mater’s site, he’s quoted as admitting he was uncomfortable with the label “millionaire” until he chose to instruct other interested parties his personal system so they could get rich, “get out of debt,” and change their own “family’s financial legacy for” a better future. Since Vertucci held his first class at the academy, he has learned that most individuals have not “the desire” but also “the drive” to succeed. They just need “the know-how.”

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