Nick Vertucci Describes Course Offerings at NVREA

Nick Vertucci has recently discussed the course content and offerings listed at his real estate education company, the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Vertucci developed the real estate education platform in 2013 in an effort to help beginners and average citizens learn to successfully navigate the real estate business. Vertucci credits real estate informative seminars for his ability to provide for his family following the loss of his primary career after the dot com bubble burst. Since he became involved in the industry more than a decade ago, Vertucci has become passionate about introducing new people to the wonderful world of real estate. In a recent publication, the businessman discussed details about the programs offered in his educational program.


Wholesaling and Flipping Houses

One of Vertucci’s most popular courses is one that educates new real estate developers on the art of purchasing houses wholesale and flipping them. According to Vertucci, the main income that real estate developers will earn comes from the ability to flip houses. A house flip refers to the process where purchasers buy a home that is dilapidated or run down, make repairs to the foundation, improve aesthetic features to make the home appealing to new buyers, and sell the home for a profit. Taking the course on wholesale purchase and home flips at NVREA will improve the knowledge of potential real estate developers regarding the process.


Rehabbing Properties

Vertucci’s real estate development program also teaches future developers how to rehab properties in profitable ways. Vertucci stated that property rehabs can increase the general income of real estate developers because they can offer rehab services apart from a general home flipping business. This way, developers can earn a living even during the times where they are waiting for a recently flipped home to be sold. Vertucci recommends his property rehab course to all future real estate developers.


Commercial Investments

Nick Vertucci also recommends his commercial investments course to those who may be considering real estate development. Vertucci stated that commercial investments often yield tremendous results and can make real estate developers very prosperous in the long run. In this course, Nick Vertucci walks future real estate developers through a step by step process which describes the best practices in commercial investments. Vertucci also helps real estate developers to understand how the purchase of buildings that can be used for businesses or offices can help attract potential customers.

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