Nathaniel Ru: Your Legacy Should Last Longer Than You

According to Nathaniel Ru, the CEO of Sweetgreen, sustainability forms a substantial part of the brand’s lifestyle. As the company’s chief executive officer, Ru is doing everything he can to enhance the sustainability of the industry.

Sustainability is a significant part of the way Ru has made things better for people looking for a salubrious bite to eat while enjoying a convenient environment of an all-natural, green taste. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and

Through his realization of how difficult it can get trying to source for fresh, green produce, Nathaniel Ru has propelled his goals of seeing a sustainable market. When founding Sweetgreen, Ru understood well the need to make and cope with changes if he had to move forward.

Nathaniel Ru has always strived to make the right business decisions. These decisions go hand in hand with his belief that everything one does, should last longer than they should. Notably, Ru’s Sweetgreen is more than just a salad bar.

The brand markets itself not as just a place where people can buy food. In Washington, D.C., the brand has conducted yoga classes in a restaurant in addition to doing cross-promotion with fitness clubs and gyms. According to their digital marketer, Dold, adding a “sweet touch” is a crucial part of marketing, even if it is subtle.

Sweetgreen’s core values and goals are always geared towards leaving guests better off than they found them. As the company continues to witness unprecedented growth, Nathaniel Ru noted that Sweetgreen has to fight off the possibility of the brand being just another cookie-cutter chain.

Therefore, each of the new stores features its own unique architect as well as a design, which reflects local tastes and culture. In every store, Ru has ensured that there is a food-sourcing blackboard, which shows what ingredients have been sourced from local vendors.

Moreover, Ru comprehends the importance of Sweetgreen servicing its employees. He notes that the community starts with the employees.

Nathaniel Ru is a graduate of the McDonough School of Business at the Georgetown University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. He and two other of his fellow Georgetown graduates joined forces to start Sweetgreen in 2007. Being a part of the Georgetown fraternity, the trio decided to put up their first store in Georgetown.

The idea of Sweetgreen was born out from their firm belief that the society required a delicious, eco-friendly and healthy dining option away from the conventional dining stores and means. In 2010, Nathaniel Ru and his partners proceeded to launch Sweetlife, which is currently the largest music and food festival in the region.

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