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Successful entrepreneurs are the people who see an opportunity and pursues it. In some fields such as finance, some of these opportunities are very rare. However, there is a man in the United States who saw an opportunity in the way the loan business was being conducted decided to exploit the gap. The man is known as Al Christy, and he hails from Indiana, Indianapolis. Some few years ago, he realized that it was becoming increasingly difficult for people to acquire a loan from financial institutions. He sought to end this problem by introducing stock based loans. He, therefore, established Equities First Holdings in the year 2001.

To make his company different from the rest, he based his firm to operate on transparency integrity. In the past, companies offering stock based loans would refuse to return the stocks to the owner upon the expiration of the deal. He sought to end this by ensuring that every client received the stocks used as security. Their success has also been based on the fact that they hire the best attorneys to advise them on any exposure. Finally, Equities First Holdings has the most talented people working for the company in all its offices worldwide.

Just the other day, Equities First Holdings announced that they would be moving their offices from suburb Melbourne to downtown Melbourne. The company said that this move is aimed at ensuring that all customers in the city are well served by making the office accessible. Equities First Holdings managed to establish its operations in nine countries since the year 2002.

These countries include Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and the United Kingdom. The other countries are the United States, China and South Africa. It has two more offices in Australia other than the Melbourne ones. These offices are located in Perth and Sydney.

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