Lovaganza Makes Film Preparations for the Much-Anticipated 2020 Celebrations

Lovaganza operates as an entertainment brand that is driven by its humanitarian objectives or mission. It provides global immersive entertainment aimed at inspiring Humanity in a bid to create a New World that is characterized by three qualities including Unity, peace as well as abundance. As such, the brand has outlined three key events to advocate for unity, peace, and abundance for every individual, which are scheduled to take place in 2020, 2025 and 2030 respectively.

The Lovaganza 2020 Celebrations

Currently, the Lovaganza brand is highly geared to making its upcoming event in 2020 a success. Consequently, it has been making early preparations to ensure that the 2020 celebrations take place without failure or hitches. Previously, the long-awaited celebrations were set to take place in 2015, but the brand pushed them to 2020 in an attempt to make the event better. The preparations for the 2020 show include a traveling convoy, which is anticipated to commence early next year.

Lovaganza Convoy

The Lovaganza Convoy trilogy is expected to spice up Lovaganza’s Bohemian Adventure through cinema. By doing so, individuals will be taken through an unprecedented ride across the global divide via drama, comedy, action, suspense, and mystery. Lovaganza intends to utilize the innovative Immerscope technology to film and display its trilogy to a global audience on is large 180 degrees glassless 3D monitors. The film trilogy will not only be showcased in its Immerscope traveling theaters but also in regular 2D and 3D theaters around the globe.

Preliminary filming for the trilogy on designideas.pics has already commenced in numerous locations such as the US, Spain, and France. The exhibition of the trilogy will take place during the months leading to Lovaganza 2020 and the Lovaganza celebrations as well. Currently, various trailers can be accessed via the Lovaganza official website including The Sunshine Shop, The Screen Tests, and the Lovaganza 2020 teaser trailer

A Detailed Look at Lovaganza

Lovaganza has been eliciting enormous debate and interests from various parties and individuals around the world due to its planned 2020 celebrations. The Lovaganza brand is made up of two separate entities whereby one, the Lovaganza Entertainment, is aimed at providing global scale entertainment, which is geared towards inspiring and triggering wonder to different individuals across the global divide on Tumblr. On the other hand, the Lovaganza Foundation relies on the visibility and success of the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise to bring about a positive impact while supporting regional and global initiatives.

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