Lime Crime Announces New Cosmetic Products

There are few makeup companies with a following that are loyal to their brand, however, if there was one that comes to mind it might be one you have not heard of. The brand we are talking about is Lime Crime. The cool think about this company is that they keep up with the times by offering more than the same dull colors and shades that not many people want. The newest line of products with this amazing company is their all new hair dye products. These dyes are designed to use in your hair and are semi-permanent. This means you can rest assured that they will look great and last longer than some of the other stuff on the market.

This year Lime Crime talked up the release and got everyone excited. They launched thirteen shades and certain ones sold out almost right away. Doe Deere and her staff started to develop more colors and go beyond what they set out to do during the first launch. Loyal fans and customers love the new product line and could not seem to get enough of it. They have called the new hair dye Unicorn Hair Formula. It comes in both Full Coverage and Temporary dye formulas.

The full coverage uses a pigment base that can cover all the hair for a bold color. The temporary dye comes in pastel with lavender, blue, mint, violet and many more.The company’s founder and CEO Doe Deere is just as excited about the release of these new hair color products. Anyone that has followed Doe knows that color plays an important part on her life and her business. Color gives her and the company energy and allows for even more creativity to flow. Lime Crime is all about freedom and personal expression and these hair products fit right in. These dyes are needed and makeup wearing people will use them to make some amazing outfits and unique styles. Regardless of what you know about makeup or the people who use this brand, it should be fun to sit back and watch these folks go to town. What is even better is to try the product line for yourself.

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