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Mr. Wakemen was asked what is the best hundred bucks he spent during his interview on His answer was on a Spanish language course. Glen said that the experience opened him up to other cultural world views. It also motivated him to see the world. The course even boosted his confidence in the dating world. After taking the course, he asked an Argentinian woman out on a date, who would eventually become his wife. Follow Glen Wakeman’s profile on

One of Glen Wakemen’s favorite books is The Art of War by Chinese general and philosopher Sun Tzu he revealed during his interview. He says the book is extremely insightful when it comes to strategy. Mr. Wakemen also says that the book is full of wisdom that can be applied in the business world as well as so many other facets of life. Glen says that anybody who is looking for a book about strategy, business or wisdom should try and read the Art of War by Sun Tzu. It remains one of the most widely read books over the course of thousands of years for a reason he added.

A business question asked of Glen Wakemen was if he could begin anew what would he do differently. Mr. Glen Wakemen responded by saying that he would try and keep in better communication with his colleagues and friends. He believes he would have achieved more success he had stayed in touch with all of his friends and associates. Glen says that maintaining contacts is now much easier thanks to social media and software.


Mr. Wakemen says that having contacts can at times spell the difference between success or failure. If you have connections and contacts you might be able to secure funding, get sales and have customers. On the other hand, lacking contacts might mean you lack funding, lack sales and struggle to find customers. It is important to realize just how important connections are in business he says. You should try and keep as many contacts and connections as possible.

The worse job Glen Wakemen had was at a vehicle parts factory. He described the work as dirty and grueling. However, it provided him with an income during the summer months while he was in college. It also taught him to respect all forms of labor no matter how dirty or unappealing it may seem from the outside.

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