LA Entrepreneurs of TechStyle group, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler Take Fashion World by Storm

Techstyle Fashion Group is a company that deals in accessories and beauty products founded by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. When starting, the two gentlemen knew nothing about fashion but had the will to learn and passion hence making them the most successful fashion gurus to date.


Mr. Goldenberg began dealing in business in his early teens. The first company he owned was a Gamers Alliance which purely dealt in designs that were used in gaming websites. This company was later on sold, leading Goldenberg to drop out of school and becoming the vice chair of Intermix.Don Ressler’s path to Intermix was a bit of the same journey as that of Goldenberg. His first website, was bought off by Intermix.


The two became close friends while working at intermix probably because of their same conditions for ending up in the same organization. This friendship led to the start of an online company called Intelligent Beauty which gave birth to other successful brands. Through these brands, they realized people were crazy about fashion and having an online platform to sell these fashionable items to their target audience would be a great idea, hence the start of Techstyle.


The first company to emerge as a result of Techstyle was JustFab which is a clothing company that operates by signing up members who get to receive accessories and clothes that are personalized. JustFab goes as far as helping out its members in selecting outfits that match perfectly together.


Matrix Partners is the main funder of JustFab and Intelligent Beauty and is to be thanked for the survival of this brilliant fashion idea. The name TechStyle came about after JustFab underwent a relaunch.


Fabletics is another brain child of the two entrepreneurs that concentrates on ensuring that women remain sporty and fit through the sportswear they offer. The two businessmen decided to approach popular American actress, Kate Hudson, to help in the execution of this clothing line.


In 2013, through Kate Hudson, Fabletics found its way in the market and made it huge, becoming the fashion solution for women who wanted to stay physically active as well as fit. Fabletics receives competition from bigger women athletic wear companies but offers discounted prices to its members which is a bonus for them and has led to their success.

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