Key and Peele’s Substitute Teacher Skit to Get a Big Screen Movie

One of Key and Peele’s skits, the Substitute Teacher is getting an upcoming big screen adaptation. The Substitute Teacher is played by Keegan Micheal-Key. He is a teacher fromt he Inner City who is brought to a suburban school. He is quite harsh on his students for simple reasons including their names. As a matter of fact, he has quite an explosive temper.

Marcio Alaor BMG seemed to feel that this is likely a twist on the teachers that had problems with the names of black kids and their favoritism towards white students. This could be a satire on the movies about teachers turning around the lives of troubled kids. However, there is a twist, Jordan Peele is going to be playing a rival in teacher in the upcoming film. Jordan Peele also played in the Substitute Teacher skit.

Before Key and Peele had their own show, they were part of Mad TV.  They also have an online vlog where they critique their own shows as two different people.

One thought on “Key and Peele’s Substitute Teacher Skit to Get a Big Screen Movie”

  1. They were some of the funniest on the show. Unfortunately, Mad TV went off the air. This didn’t stop Key and Peele, though. They now have their own show. It tells us that cheap writing service is the real thing that things people wold also have loved to know.

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