Jose Borghi; One Of The Best Individuals In The Brazilian Advertising Industry.

Jose Borghi is the individual who was behind the great Mammal Parmalat campaign that was aimed at putting emphasis on the importance of conserving the environment and wildlife. He is a person whose name has been reckoned in the advertising industry in Brazil for his unique and good work. Jose is also an individual who has been behind other famous ad campaigns for the Mullen Lowe Brasil Ad agency. He is currently the co-CEO of the Millen Lowe Agency, and he continues to do great things and taking the firm to greener pastures. What amuses a lot of people is the fact that he has become very successful yet he was never sure what career to pursue when he was young.

Everything changed when he decided to tag along with his sister to go and watch a screening of an ad that had won Lions Awards at Cannes. When he was there, he was inspired and amazed by the ad and decided he would take advertising as a career and h would also win the Lion Awards one time in his future life. With this in mind, he decided to join the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas where he earned his degree in marketing. Later he joined the media industry by working at Standart Ogilvy as an editor. After Standart, he collaborated with other leading agencies such as DM9/DDB, Leo Burnett among others that helped in giving him the right exposure into the ad industry.

After gaining the right exposure, Jose decided it was time to start his own ad agency with the help of his friend, Erh Ray, and they named it BorghiErh after their names. According to Jose, he wasn’t satisfied working under someone, and this is what pushed him to start an ad agency having no capital and investor support. Borghi is known for always going for what he desires regardless of the situation. With their hard work, Borghi and Erh were able to bring the agency to the number one spot something notes many could have done. When the company was bought by Lowe, Erh decided to sell his shares and concentrate with something else leaving Borghi in the ad industry. The firm decided to merge with Mullen Lowe to from the Mullen Lowe Group that is currently being led by Jose Borghi.Borghi believes his hard work and determination are what made him successful in his career.

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