In the Spirit of Rally Driving: Michel Terpins Make His Mark in History

The Brazilian terrain is considered the most challenging field in the world of rally competition. Michel Terpins is among the few drivers who have established themselves in the history books of the rally competition. As a member of the Bull Sertoes team, Michel has enjoyed an impressive career behind the wheels. He and Justo (his navigator) have been impressive throughout their rally partnership career. They have managed a number of accolades under their portfolio.

Raising the Dust

Michel Terpins participates in the T1 Prototype rally competition. He drives a T-Rex car category and the vehicle is perceived to be designed for the tough terrain. His mastery skill of driving makes the dust-raising event a spectacle to watch. Normally, the Sertoes is the most anticipated yearly rally event. Michel adds style and fun to the competition and many of his fans love him because he rarely disappoints. This year, Mr. Terpins marked his 10th year at the competition. He began his career in 2002 in the motorcycle category but later switched to join his brother Rodrigo in car racing. The cars really motivated Michel, and he has done the competition justice since his debut.

Competition Highlights

Currently, Michel Terpins is the leader in the Brazilian T1 rally championship. Normally, the first two stages of the Sertoes competition contributes to the national overall ranking. This year, Michel participated in the 25th edition of the Sertoes competition. The edition mapped 3,300.06km of car racing. Aside from Sertoes Rally, Michel has established his mark in the Mitsubishi competition and he is recorded to have won the competition in a number of times. Much of the success that Michel enjoys is attributed to his family’s racing passion. He derives his passion for car racing from his brother and fellow Sertoes teammate Rodrigo. His father Jack Terpins is also an important inspiration figure in Michel’s Rally life.


In the eyes of many, Michel Terpins is an inspiring rally sensation. His wonderful accomplishment at the Sertoes Rally and the National Championship makes him a celebrated Brazilian icon. Overall, Michel is a pacesetting Brazilian rally figure and inspiring individual among millions of rally enthusiasts.

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