Fagali Airport: A Great Place to Fly

There are many different airports in the world. They are all uniquely different and serve many different types of people. One of these unique airports is Fagai airport. Here is some great information about this amazing airport.

This airport is located in Fagali Somoa. This village is located on Upou which is a island in Somoa and very close to Apia. This is a very pretty area. Know more about Fagali at Lonely Planet.

This airport is owned by polynesian airlines. This airline also operates that airplanes coming to and from the airport. There are other airlines that operate there now.

Fagali used to be a grass airstrip without any pavement. However, in July 2002 the airport was reopened after it was paved. Then it was shutdown in in 2005. Luckily it reopened In July 2009. When they reopened in July 2009 they resumed their international flights. These flights included one to Pago Pago, Samoa.

This wonderful airport is located just five miles from Apia. It is situated on the island in a rainforest. Luckily for anyone that is traveling, this airport is located just twenty minutes or less from many hotels and resorts in the area. This makes this airport a perfect place to fly into when vacationing in the area.

View: https://www.expedia.com/Fagalii-Airport-Hotels.0-aFGI-0.Travel-Guide-Filter-Hotels

This airport has may flights. You can take a flight from this island to many cities in the United States. One of the cities you can fly into is Honolulu, Hawaii.

There are many different airlines that are operated through Fagali, not just Polynesian Airlines. Samoa Air and South Pacific Island Airways operate from this airport. Taloga Airways also operates out of Fagali.

This beautiful airport has a lot of features that makes it unique. The fact that it is situated on an island makes it a must see airport. It is also in a rain forest which provides a unique airport experience. There are many different international flights out of this airport making it a great place to fly out of and into. If you are looking for a great destination then you should fly into Fagali. You will be happy that you did. Know more about Fagali at Trip Advisor.

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