Fabletics: A Fantastic Clothing Company That Kate Hudson Believes In

When’s the last time you bought a product from Amazon with less than 3 stars? You probably haven’t. In fact, most people never consider buying something with low reviews. This trust in reviews doesn’t end with products, though. In a study conducted by BrightLocal, user reviews were found to be a significant deciding factor in whether or not someone would seek the services of a local business. Because of how many options the internet gives the consumer, figuring out the best option is difficult. But user reviews have become the metric for which consumers base their decisions, and at this point, they are unchangeably an enormous part of the online marketplace. Anywhere you look, the data are there to support the idea that reviews dictate the success of products and services on the internet. Essentially, there is no better way for online shoppers to determine the quality of a product. While some companies have strayed away from rating systems, others have leaned into “the crowd” and found a way to use reviews in order to make customers’ experience as good as possible.


Fabletics, a clothing website sponsored by Kate Hudson, is a perfect example of online shopping done well. By listening to the crowd, Fabletics has experienced great success over the past few years. The consumer likes to feel valued, and Fabletics achieves this by allowing the consumer to play a significant role in evaluating the product. Rather than trying to tell consumers that they know more than them, Fabletics lets the market decide and puts a heavy weight on the customer reviews. Doing so has earned them many customers and improved their “survey model,” which suggests specific pieces of clothing based on the preferences of the user.


Kate Hudon’s role with Fabletics goes well beyond what is usually expected of a sponsor. Hudson is intimately involved with many aspects of Fabletics and genuinely has passion for the service the site provides. Unlike other celebrities who halfheartedly endorse products and services for the financial benefit, Hudson’s motivation for sponsoring Fabletics is intrinsic and authentic. By being so intensely engaged with the inner workings of Fabletics, Hudson pushes herself into a excellent position for advocating for the benefits of the clothing company.


Along with the financial nitty-gritty of Fabletics, Hudson also spends time bolstering the communicative element of Fabletics. Early in the website’s lifespan, Fabletics received criticism from many, including some celebrities. Some of these concerns were warranted, however, and Hudson worked hard to help reform the company in a way beneficial to the customer. The result was huge, and Fabletics is now respected and well-scored in regards to customer service. These improved scores led to more revenue, and Fabletics is now stronger than ever.


With Fabletics at such a peak point, there is no better time to take a look at their clothing options. To start, try taking their Lifestyle Quiz. This quiz finds your interests in order to suggest you clothes that fit your needs and lifestyle. After taking the quiz, you’ll be overwhelmed with options and understand the hype surrounding Fabletics.

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