DIY Survival: Wengie’s Video That We All Needed


This video instantly caught my attention as I was scrolling through Wengie’s channel. Typical DIY videos are boring but with the beautiful and charismatic Wengie instructing the viewers, it was a must-see. The video starts with her usual, fun greeting, but as soon as she gets into the survival part, it got even better. The fact that she did all of these things with every day items is epic.

It was great to see that the video started with a situation any of us could find ourselves in: having your car break down when your phone has just died. The way she quickly explains how fast and easy it is to solve the problem was great; she wasted no time in jumping in and demonstrating how touching a key and your phone charger to a battery can power the charger and charge your phone! Who knew?

The video then goes into more detailed survival tips like how to filter water until it’s safe for drinking, how to properly handle smoke inhalation during an earthquake (the special effects and unicorns made this part amazing), and how to kindle a proper fire. The best thing about her tutorial for making the fire was there were a few different options. The more unknown option to kindle one’s own food was demonstrated on a bag of Doritos, while at another instance she kindled a wax crayon.

Performing the Heimlich, and improving a flashlight were also great tips but my favorite had to be the Car Key Claws. Wengie made it both cute and fierce and set a great example for many people who wouldn’t otherwise know what to do in an unsafe situation.

As always, viewers can expect a cute, fun, unicorn filled video from Wengie but the way she managed to take more serious topics and add that level of fun is amazing. I’d highly recommend this video to anyone looking for something informative or just plain fun to watch. It is a one of a kind DIY video and after watching you’ll definitely want to hit that subscribe button.

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