David McDonald On Rising To The Top Of The Food Chain

In the recent three decades, OSI Group has experienced unfathomable growth in the food processing industry. Their group Chief Executive Officer and President David McDonald has not been left behind in the success story as he has moved gradually from his job as a project manager to his current managerial position. OSI Group started out as a meat and butcher shop in Chicago. When the Otto & Sons shop was contracted to supply meat to McDonald’s restaurant chain, their fortunes changed for the better. Under the leadership of David, the group has grown to become a global leader in food industry.

After graduating from Iowa State University with a degree in animal science, David McDonald started out his career as the chairman of North America Meat Institute. He grew up in a farm, and during his time in school, he was awarded the “Outstanding Senior Award,” for his all-around achievements. He seems to have continued with the same spirit in his career as he led OSI Group to become the international conglomerate it is today. David is glad that the group is a privately-held company which allows him to be swift and flexible in the long term and short-term plans.

One of the pillars that have helped OSI Group to penetrate new markets with more success is their smart acquisitions. They increased their market share in Chicago when they bought the famous Tyson Food Company. Similarly, the purchase of Flagship Europe and Baho Foods played a significant role in OSI Group penetration into the Europe markets. In their bid to expand David Mcdonald recently established ten processing facilities in China that made them the biggest poultry meat provider in China. The global expansion continued in the last decade with new facilities built in Japan, Poland, India, and the US.

In growing the OSI Group, David Mcdonald has embraced the philosophy of producing sustainably. The group has partnerships with agricultural plants where they use quality food processing and waste management equipment to create a safe environment for working. Their efforts to produce sustainably have been recognized by several bodies. They have won the Globe of Honor Award three times by the British Safety Council. Their California plant received the California Green Business certification, while their other plants in Poland and China were awarded the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certificates. The future looks bright for the OSI Group and only time can tell their next conquest.

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