David Giertz and his Advice on Retirement

David Giertz who is a financial advisor says that retirees have a habit of saving their money than just spending their hard-earned money. According to him, older people can look for responsible ways to enjoy their money and still enjoy their lives. Every senior can find ways of having fun when they retire with the assistance of cash reserves and budgets. David Giertz says that they key to a retirement that is successful is planning for the future with a high degree of diligence. Many millionaires are always focused on depositing extra money on their savings accounts, rather than planning for vacations with their family and friends. According to David, this often leads to a negative attitude of the person towards spending the accumulated funds.

David Giertz says that it is often hard for many retirees to let go of some of their savings. Although it is a great virtue to have financial discipline, many people frequently misunderstand the purpose of saving money. David Giertz adds that many seniors require additional money following their retirement since social security benefits is not sufficient income for the average retirees. On top of these, the same retirees also require to have fun after working hard for many years at their jobs.

With over 30 years worth of experience, David Giertz is known as one of the most experienced financial advisors. He was the President at the sales and distribution department at the Nationwide Financial. While working at the company, the financial advisor managed to contribute hugely when it came to the profits of the company where he helped the company grow from $11 billion to over $17.8 billion. In the past, David Giertz served as a distributor and leader of retirement plans, life insurance policies, mutual funds, annuities and many others. He previously worked at Citigroup as a financial advisor for ten years.

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