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How Do Clients Feel About the Use of Securus Technologies to Prevent Crime?

Securus Technologies was founded in the 80’s. It is one of the most successful providers of criminal justice, technology aimed at ensuring safety to the public, investigation and monitoring services. The management of the facility has been talking to customers about their reviews on the technology being used for communication and to prevent some inmates on inmate crimes. Here, are a few of the comments which have been made by customers who use Securus’ services.


A while back, there was an employee who was sneaking in contraband through our company. We got suspicious and decided to investigate. A friend that had used Securus recommended the company, stating that they were the best in the provision of monitoring services. We decided to give it a try, and three weeks later, we had all the evidence that we needed for an arrest and prosecution. Thank you, Securus Technologies. You helped us stop a crime, writes one grateful customer.


There was a time when our correctional facility had severe issues regarding illegal business such as drug use, smuggling of illegal firearms and illicit money transfers. When Securus got involved, monitoring equipment was mounted all over the facility. The footage we received helped us unearth the ring of criminals who were perpetrating the acts. Our service is now much safer and more comfortable to manage than it was before, all thanks to Securus technologies.


The incarceration environment has always been a significant challenge for many people. It has been known for all manner of negative things, including fights, isolation, killings and other violent crimes. However, with the entry of companies such as Securus, which are aimed at improving the safety of the system, the place has become safer. It is now possible to communicate positively with inmates and crimes have reduced.


These are some of the comments which have been made by people who use Securus. They are a clear indication that Securus is positively impacting the correctional environment.


Securus Technologies “One impressive facility”

Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 and is based in Dallas, Texas. The company is a for-profit prison technology company. They have locations currently in Carrolto, Texas, Allen, Texas and Atlanta Georgia. In the United States, the company has been able to employ 1,000 people and currently has contracts with 2,600 facilities.


On July of 2016 Harris Corporation had partnered with Securus Technologies on a technology called “Cell Defender”. Then in 2017, Securus was able to announce their newest development called “Wireless Containment Solution”. This development was meant to be able to make it to where contraband cell phones couldn’t connect to mobile networks. In July of 2015, Securus ended up being the target for data breach when they reached 70 million phone calls.


Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Richard A. Smith, had stated that they once a week on average they develop a new product of service, of which will help solve and prevent crimes by law enforcement. Smith then went on to say that the safety of the building is part of their DNA and that it is an honor for them to protect and serve for it. In my opinion Securus Technologies is one facility that is moving up in the world of protection and technology.