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Kamil Idris Discusses China And Intellectual Property Rights Issue

Professor Kamil Idris explains that Chinese manufacturers have a long history of gaining financially from merchandise they have been accused of copying from companies in the Western world. This sentiment has been echoed by many companies located in America.

Many entrepreneurs in the United States assert that they were forced out of business when Chinese manufacturers begin selling their products around the globe for a fraction of the price that they themselves could afford to accept.

United States President Donald Trump has said to the Chinese that this practice must end immediately if the two countries are to remain amicable trade partners.

The Trump administration is prepared to place $100 billion in tariffs on Chinese imports until the practice of copying products by Chinese factories of American companies ceases to exist. Trump it seems is looking to Beijing to enforce these intellectual property protections which many believe could be misguided.


Economic analyst Scott Kennedy thinks that China must be made to feel an economic crunch before they would be willing to relent on the matter. Kennedy agrees with the tough posture taken by President Trump but feels the approach does not create enough of a deterrent for China.

Kamil Idris feels that China is in no way wanting to be in a trade war with America and that the move on the part of the Trump Administration has caught Beijing off-guard.

The American Chamber of commerce in Beijing, China was polled recently and 16% of members there thought that the problem of intellectual property theft of American trademarked goods was a major issue.

Many experts on Chinese trade issues feel that the rhetoric of Trump was unnecessary due to the fact that the problem of intellectual property theft in China was already being addressed even before he became president.


About Kamil Idris

Kamil Idris is a professor, statesman, and international champion for civil rights that was born in Sudan. Professor Idris worked with the World Intellectual Property Organization as the group’s Director General. His time spent with WIPO spanned from November 1997 to September 2008.

Kamil Idris attended Khartoum University in his native Sudan and received a bachelor of law degree there. He also received a bachelor of arts degree in Philosophy, Economic Theory, and Political Science from Cairo University in Egypt. Idris journeyed to Americ to finish the next stage of his academic career and received Master’s Degree in International Law from Ohio University.