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Richard Mishaan Design Celebrates Launch of new Book

Richard Mishaan of Richard Mishaan Design is one of the foremost innovators in the interior design world of New York City. Mishaan, an open and candid individual, has used his strong opinions in order to tailor beautiful work for his customers all over the city. Now, Mishaan is focusing on getting his style out to the public through the release of his newest book: “Artfully Modern”. Richard Mishaan Design has been one of the most in demand design firms in the city and this book is a great way to take a sneak peak at what makes the whole company tick.


The focus of Richard Mishaan Design has long been on doing something new, doing something better, and doing something unique Mishaan knows that there are countless interior designers in New York City all fighting over the scraps that the 1% of clients they cater to are determined to dangle. Mishaan knows that the majority of these 1% clients like their designs very simple: expensive, to the point and rather un-imaginative. That is where Richard Mishaan Design has come to shine. Mishaan knows that he can do so much more and he has been wowing his clients for years in doing so.


In order to promote his newest book Mishaan held a celebratory dinner at the Margaux at the Marlton Hotel. The celebration is, of course, a chance for people to hobnob and learn some more about Richard Mishaan Design, but it is also a celebration for the success that ‘Artfully Modern’ has found on the Amazon sales charts. The newest book by Mishaan has slotted in at the top spot in the best selling area more than a couple of times over the past week or so, proving that more people are growing interested in what Richard Mishaan Design is doing.