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Avaaz Generates Global Activism with a Click of a Button

Since 2007, the online activist network Avaaz has encouraged people from around the world to act on national and global issues such as climate change, human rights, government corruption, and poverty. As of July 2017, Avaaz has close to 45 million members serving in 194 countries, and its members have taken over 341 million actions over the past 10 years. Some of these actions include petition signing, emailing, media campaign funding, and event protesting.

Co-founder, president, and executive director Ricken Patel says Avaaz has no ideology other than to unite practical idealists who want to create the world people want. Members are routinely polled to see which issues and campaign ideas are most important to them. Weekly random poll samples of 10,000 members are questioned to see which issues they find the most important. The issues that receive the highest number of votes are then sent out to all other members around the world. Then Avaaz mobilizes its members within several hours to several days to act on the campaigns that are the most critical to its members.

It’s true that the co-founders and members of the leadership team have been involved in progressive politics, but some of Avaaz’s victories are nonpartisan in nature. Some of Avaaz’s campaign victories include:

• Keeping the internet free from corporate control and government censorship
• Providing millions of dollars in aid to survivors of natural and man-made disasters
• Protecting the environment and reducing the effects of climate change
• Providing justice and love to victims of sexual slavery

Some people are criticizing Avaaz for creating laziness in activism through its online petitioning, but Avaaz’s members show up where they are needed, even at the risk of their own lives.

Cassio Audi’s Spirited Early Music Career

Much about Cassio Audi’s early musical life is evident when he acceded to a musical band formed by four friends in the name of Yves, Machado Andre, Pit and Felipe. Their coming together helped Audi kick-start his career as a drummer for the Viper Rock Music Band. As a drummer for the band, his career in music started out on a flying note as he helped it move from the struggles with composing songs to its marketing. Through Cassio’s tenacity, the band enjoyed massive airplay and hit several stages with their electric performances. Around Brazil, they had conquered a huge following with the success of their hit tracks such as Killera, Princess from Hell and Nightmare.
Following Successes
From commanding the crowds in Brazil, Cassio and his band members moved beyond their borders staging shows all over Europe and American continents. Even as the tours continued, Cassio also continued composing songs for the band, and ultimately helped them in launching their first album entitled the Soldiers of Sunset in the year 1987. The album became a huge success as it also stamped the band into musical stardom as far as rock music was concerned. In fact, most rock bands outside Brazil found it much amusing that Viper could get much attention singing in English which was a second language to them as Brazilians.
Return to Exit
The following album, Theater of Fate launched in 1989, was a touch of classical music and once again showcased Cassio as a great composer and an astute lyricist. It is after this success that Cassio finally bowed out from the music scene as he had began cooperation with the band due to divided attention coming from a financial calling. From all these exhibits of success, he still remains a legend in Brazilian rock music industry as one of the best artist in not only drumming but vocals.

Honey Birdette Announces a Wave of Retail Growth

It was recently announced that the famous Honey Birdette luxury lingerie company is set for major expansion in 2017 and 2018. The Australian based company already has a large fan base in the United States and recently announced it will have a dedicated United States E-Commerce site as will begin looking in the US to open several retail locations. The US site became necessary after the company saw a 374% increase in US sales last year. The goal of the new platform is to create a better experience for US shoppers, giving faster delivery and more pieces of choose from.

The company also is wildly popular in the United Kingdom, and announced major plans to grow its retail locations in the United Kingdom from three to forty. This massive expansion is set to be completed in 2018. Initial openings lined up in the United Kingdom include Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Westfield, Stratford and several more high traffic locations, reaching the total goal of 40 by the time 2018 comes to a close. The company is also scouting multiple locations throughout Europe, looking to Paris or potential other locations where the type of high end clientele that seeks out the quality lingerie and toys offered by Honey Birdette would typically reside or vacation.

Honey Birdette was founded in Brisbane Australia in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan and has an extremely loyal following of people who adore the lines of luxury high end lingerie that vary from soft and delicate pieces to a full S&M collection. Honey Birdette has over 50 stores in Australia, but has always had a following throughout Europe and the US. Panties start at around 35 Euro and Bras at around 60 Euro.

Overall, there is nothing but continued growth on the horizon for Honey Birdette – both in retail space and online.

To read the full article on Honey Birdette’s growth, visit:

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The Design Guru You Should be Talking About, Richard Mishaan

In recent years, the name Richard Mishaan Design has become synonymous with quality and luxurious interior design. If you frequent luxurious residences in New York, the chances are that one of the sophisticated designs you have seen were created or inspired by this design outfit.

The individual behind this work is Richard Mishaan. A man that has previously served as an apprentice to the architecture design great, Philip Johnson. Mishaan’s envious professional background has been complemented by an equally impressive academic journey having studied at New York University and Columbia University. Richard Mishaan Design draws on Mishaan’s accumulated expertise in interior design, fashion, and architecture to create unique works.

The fact that it is so hard to pinpoint particular shared characteristics in the designs created by Richard Mishaan Design points to the amount of individualized effort that goes into every project. No one wants their home looking the same as someone else’s.

That said, a look through Richard Mishaan Design’s extensive portfolio reveals Mishaan’s work to be quite frank and creative. When designing rooms, he goes beyond the common practice of mixing colors to undertake the mixing of styles from various eras. Even the infusion of color in his designs is anything but common, given his colorful childhood in Colombia and Italy. This intricate use of style and color is seen on the 93RD Street Sales Center portfolio highlighted on the Richard Mishaan Design website. One of the rooms features a brown color theme of different hues brought out in stripes and checkered boxes, resulting in a unique ambiance you would not expect in a brown room.

To share his sophisticated tastes and ideas with individuals that may not have access to Richard Mishaan Design, Mishaan has written two books. The first book he authored, Modern Luxury, was released in 2009. The second book was released in 2014. Monacelli Press published both books. Through these books, Mishaan will continue to be an inspiration to many.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Launches Clinical Pathways – Changing the Face of Oncology

It must be said that we as a country are currently making great strides in the treatment and prevention of cancer. A recent announcement from Cancer Treatment Centers of America showed an incredible partnership that has brought cancer treatment to perhaps the most cutting edge it has ever been. The announcement (which can be read here: showcased the launch of Clinical Pathways, a joint venture by CTCA, NantHealth and Allscripts.

The collaboration will allow for fluid integration of the Clinical Pathways program. This program will provide oncologists and their teams with a great deal of data on each individual’s treatment process and proven viable options while ensuring the workflow of each patients’ team is never interrupted. Clinical Pathways also has a cutting edge interface that allows data from oncologists across the country to be gathered with the touch of a button, providing patients with the most efficient care we have seen in our healthcare system to date.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is the top institute in the United States for oncology treatment and healing for any stage of cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is widely known for having an integrated and holistic approach to treating cancer as well as a focus on treating not just the cancer but the patient as a whole. For that reason, they offer access to the best medical procedures such as surgeries and chemotherapies as well as things like physical and healing therapies that address other issues a cancer patient may be facing. They also offer this all under one roof.

There are five Cancer Treatment Centers of America in the country, and all are comprised of oncologists, surgeons and staff that are at the top of the oncology field. The centers are located in Atlanta, Tulsa, Chicago, Philadelphia and Phoenix. A unique approach to treating not just the patients, but their loved ones, caregivers are invited to participate with those that have cancer in certain parts of treatment, classes and recreational activities as they are available, making the best out of what can be a very daunting experience.

Elastic Databases From NuoDB

NuoDb is a company that was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The technology offered by NuoDB is used by some of the biggest companies in the world. These big companies are Alfa Systems, Dassault Systemes, Kodiak, the UAE Exchange and more. NuoDb was first known as NimbusDB but was later changed to NuoDB after efforts to re brand in the tech industry. The company offers a patented technology under the name of “elasticity scalable database”. Jim Starkey is credited for being the creator of this technology and he is also the co Ceo of the company.

Over the years NuoDB has amassed many milestones and garnered several accolades. NuoDB received a 14 million dollar investment from venture capital in 2012. In 2014 the company was named an innovation all star by Mass High Tech and the Boston Business Journal. It has been reported that the company currently has got over sixty million dollars in funding since it’s creation.

The company’s technology is quite innovative. NuoDb is an elastic SQL database for SQL applications and is often referred to as NewSQL. The technology allows newly added servers to expand in the cloud without sharding. This allows quick communication of information to nodes.

Legal Services in Brazil

Brazil like many countries is a civil law country. The legal system of Brazil originated from the Roman law. The law was then implanted during colonization by Portuguese. The legal system is based on codes and legislation executed by the federal legislature from the states and municipalities.
Observing and maintaining a set of rules and regulations is not easy. From time to time will you will find yourself dealing with legal matters which may be hard and complicated. In such situations, you will need someone who is experienced and perfectly understands the law to help you out.

In Brazil, there are a lot of law firms which consists of experienced lawyers that have practiced family law, employment law, corporate law and litigation.

Foreigners doing business in Brazil are also perfectly represented the lawyers. Handling business in a foreign country may not be easy. The bureaucracy and the risk may be too much to take. The Brazilian lawyers, therefore, act as trusted advisors and help foreigners eliminate the risks and the uncertainty that comes with being a foreigner. The lawyers know and understand the laws in depth and will navigate the legal system to offer you protection.

Most of the Brazilian lawyers have specialized in handling corporate law, intellectual property, and probate cases. Law firms also have international translators. In case you don’t understand a language, and you need protection you may require a legal translator. The Brazilian lawyers will represent your case, strategies and attend the hearing proceeding for you.

In Brazil you will get the most qualified lawyers, experienced and knows how to manipulate the law to protect you. You will only need to consult and figure out the most experienced lawyer to handle your case.

One of the prominent lawyers in Brazil is Mr. Ricardo Tosto de Carvalho. Ricardo is also a strategist in Brazil legal system. He has persuaded his passion and career, and currently, he owns one the largest legal firm in Brazil. In his firm, he mentors others and also an internship.

He started his career by opening a small law office, and later he ventured in the prominent and experienced litigation firm. He is known due to his success in most cases he has represented and provided legal services. Richard is also a pioneer in and assisted in the adoption of some legal mechanisms.

Adem Sender has a Gift for Fine Art Collecting

The Accumulation of Fine Art
There is some intriguing history that is behind the actual art collector. The art collector is a private individual or even a public institution. Art collection may be known as the accumulation of fine art. This may be viewed as a hobby or a business. This does indeed have a long past behind it. It should be known that many of the world’s art museums had been formed from some of the most extraordinary private art collections from an art collector. When did this collecting of art actually begin? The accumulation of fine art may be traced back to the earliest civilizations. Precious items and beautiful works of art have an early history from China, Egypt, Babylonia, as well as India. These precious items of distinguished art had actually been placed and stored in tombs and temples so many years ago. A private art collector from the earliest era may be responsible for the many glorious art museums that are enjoyed in this day and age.

Skills are Needed for Art Collecting
The art collector has many skills that enable them to build a beautiful art collection. Many art collectors are also risk takers. They may need to risk a financial investment. It has been stated that the art collector will experience a loss if they hesitate. A commitment for art work is necessary. The time to purchase a piece of art is now. It has also been said that art collecting is similar to love. If you wait and do not take action, you may miss out of beautiful artwork. The collection and accumulation of fine art does indeed take skills and risk. There are some great art collectors who have shown the entire world just how beautiful it is through the eyes of an artist who has created wonderful art for all to enjoy.

Adam Sender Is a Collector of Distinguished Art
Adam Sender is famous for his management of hedge funds. He is indeed a man who knows the business and financial worlds. It has also been stated that Mr. Sender has many art admirers who may even be somewhat envious of his extraordinary art collecting skills. Adam has been a lover of art for most of his life. He developed a passion for art as a young boy. He appears to be an art genius. He may claim that he has a distinct art intuition that allows him to be the collector of amazing art that could be worth well over 100 million dollars. Adam Sender is a well known part-time art collector.