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Meet the Healthcare Repayment Reforms National expert, Former Expert Reviewer and CMS: Deirdre Baggot

Deidre Baggot, BSN, Ph.D., MBA, is a well-known expert who has an extensive experience in the healthcare sector as a clinician and as a hospital executive. She is known for a pioneering work on the bundle payments following her leadership in the CMS ACE also known as Acute Care Episode. Baggot was among the people responsible for the leadership and growth of consulting practices with a major focus on bundled payments and innovations for two companies in the healthcare sector. Follow Deirdre Baggot on Instagram

Over the years, Deirdre Baggot has been able to develop outstanding client relationships, implemented and well-designed strategies for more than 200 hospitals along with sixty bundles. This has resulted in improved clinical outcomes and low costs to the patients. This has made many hospitals and physician to save on their investments and charge their clients less.

Ms. Deirdre Baggot has acquired extensive recognition in the whole health sector for her outstanding work on the bundled payments. Deirdre has received several invitations as a keynote speaker on various medical conferences as a reputable investor in this sector. Some of such conferences include the Healthcare Financial Management Association, American Heart Association, Innovation Summit, Bundled Payment Summit, Medtronic, SAS, Bundled Payment Congress and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement among others.

Ms. Baggot has launched over twenty papers on matters regarding bundled payments, health care reform, and payment transformations. She was also featured in the Planet Money, Morning Edition of National Public Radio, All Things Considered, among many other platforms. The CMS appointed this great mind as a great expert reviewer for Bundled Payments Models 2 through 4 in 2012.

Baggot pursued her master’s degree in Business administration at the Loyola University Graduate School of Business in Chicago. She as well holds a degree in nursing not forgetting that she went to the University of Colorado to pursue her Doctor of philosophy degree.

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Trending With Dynamic Talk Fusion

The coming of real-time communications (WebRTC) technology was divine sent for Talk fusion, now people could communicate with anyone, anywhere and on any device. Talk Fusion is easily accepted as the leader in video communication. The company has taken video conferencing and broadcasting to a new level thanks to a commitment to quality and innovation that blends with the changing dynamics of the mass media market. The company also has a large array of products integrated into social media to reach more people, unlike previous attempts reach of consumers, video advertising is now tailored to be memorable though discreet, persuasive not aggressive and advertisements are becoming increasingly aimed at creating the trust instead of being viewed as irritating interruptions to one’s online experience.

Other than having a “wow” effect, videos have been proven to be more relatable and more likely to elicit reactions from the viewer. This increases the communication between the brand and the intended consumer. As companies rush to digitize, the demand for online advertising has grown exponentially and video no longer optional but a must for any company that aims to retain customers and to attracts new ones. The coming of live streaming boosted the popularity of video and this changed the way companies connected with their clients, it is now easier to get customer feedback, offer online seminars and to give advice and consultations to consumers. Learn more:

Bob Reina has been spearheading the need for companies to take up video marketing. With video being the current trending marketing strategy, the focus of Talk Fusion has been the production of quality videos that engage and captivate the attention of the targeted consumers. With the explosion of temporary content thanks to Snapchat and then Instagram, companies are now to run promotions without the cost of the expensive studio made adverts. It has also been noted that people are more likely to share videos than any other form of communication, this has not only enhanced the desirability of video marketing, it also has led to rising of creativity as companies seek ways to stand out.

Away from advertising and profit margins, part of Talk Fusion’s policy is the idea of giving back. Founder and CEO Bob Reina leads from the front on this aspect, being an active sponsor to charities especially animal welfare groups, he has created a culture at the company. This culture has seen the company offer relief for victims of natural disasters and it has donated funds to various orphanages.

Treating Depression with Neurocore Brain Performance Centers

A common mental disorder, depression affects millions of individuals living in the United States. According to studies, there are a number of different forms of depressive illnesses like Major Depressive Disorder, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Postpartum Depression and Persistent Depressive Disorder. Since there are numerous factors that cause depression, many people especially who do not suffer from depression may find it difficult to understand the illness. The factors that lead to depression are not easy to pinpoint just like the symptoms of mental illness. Studies suggest that people suffering from depression may experience a sense of hopelessness and in severe cases; one can have thoughts of suicide or even committing suicide.
There is need to invest more in depression research since there have been alarming rates of suicide especially among the young people. Although depression is regarded as a harsh illness, it is possible to treat it with therapy and antidepressants. It can also be treated with neurofeedback therapy. It is always advised to seek medical attention if you suspect that you or your family member is experiencing depression. It is also important to seek medical attention before the depression gets to advanced cases. One of the institutions that offer depression treatment is the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers.
A privately held company, the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers was started in 2004. The company works with wellness, health and fitness industry and has employed 51 to 200 employees. Neurocore brain Performance specializes in assisting adults and children who have issues that surround their mental health like depression, ADHD, sleep, autism, migraines, stress and anxiety. The institution is committed to improving the brain performance of their clients by offering brain-based, date-driven assessments as well as training programs. The states resources therefore enable individuals with the above issues to stress less; sleep better as well as concentrate better. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers has managed to assist thousands of patients suffering from mental illnesses.
With valuable resources, Neurocore uses these to figure out how every patient’s brain is functioning as well as the type of help that each one requires. Neurocore uses Integrated Visual and Auditory Continuous Performance to treat patients.

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5 Surprising Facts You Should Know About Depression

Major depression is a common mental disease that affects approximately 16 million adults in the U.S. each year. Although it commonly starts in adulthood and mostly affects women, it can affect any person, at any age, and at times without an apparent cause. People with major depression can attain full recovery when they seek treatment. Unfortunately, most individuals struggling with this illness fail to seek medical attention due to the stigma associated with mental health and depression.

Facts about depression

1. Depression may progress without external factors

Although there are broad ranges of factors that can trigger depression, a definite cause does not exist. People exposed to stressful life events, including financial troubles, abuse, unemployment, or abuse, have a high likelihood of developing this mental condition.

2. Depressive disorders fall into different categories

There are many types of depressive complications. Major depressive disorder is depicted by low self-esteem and continuous stress for not less than two weeks. Persistent depressive disorder is a longer-lasting type of depression where symptoms are manifested nearly each day for over two years.

3. Depression affects the health status of the body

The National Institute of Mental Health lists headaches, general tension, stomach problems, and breathing difficulties as the physical effects of depression.

4. Depression accounts for the increased death rate among young people

Depression causes numb symptoms and feelings of ineptness, which may make some young individuals consider death as the best alternative.

5. More funds should be committed to depression research

Despite depression being a leading cause of suicide across the globe, funds located for depression research are not enough.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers in brief

Neurocore specializes in offering data-supported, brain-based evaluations and training programs, which assist children and adults in increasing concentration, sleep, and dealing with stress effectively. Since its creation 13 years ago, the facility has become a respected leader in applied neuroscience. It runs nine brain performance centers in both Florida and Michigan.

Neurocore helps people with ADHD, anxiety, migraines, sleep-related diseases, stress, depression, and teen ADHD. The centers have competent and certified practitioners who offer excellent services. When a client visits one of Neurocore’s centers, the professionals will identify the actual cause of his or her complication. Then, they develop a program that will help the client’s brain in fixing the complications.

Beloved Australian Boutique Honey Birdette to Expand UK Presence

The Industry London just released an incredible announcement from Australia’s Honey Birdette Boutique. Honey Birdette is Australia’s first ever sensuality boutique. They opened 3 locations in the United Kingdom last year and now, upon gauging that success, are rolling out over 30 more locations. By the end of 2018 there will be 40 Honey Birdette stores in the United Kingdom!

There have been 10 locations announced, according to The Industry London. Among those are Liverpool, Westfield, Leeds, Newcastle and Stratford. This news is a sign of major success and growth for Honey Birdette. The 3 locatoins opened last year were the first opened outside of Australia and if founder Eloise Monaghan was at all nervous about the success of those first 3 locations, it is appraent they did quite well.

The Industry London announcement also included the fact that Honey Birdette has rolled out a new website for Americans who want to shop their products. According to the announcement, the amount of sales done by American shoppers grow 374% in 2016. This growth showed demand for a new site designed just for Americans. The site is currently live and will offer American shoppers access to a greater amount of Honey Birdette products shipped to America. It will also provide American with free shipping when they purchase over $50 of products and states it will provide faster shipping and a simpler return process. It was also stated that Honey Birdette is actively scouting for American locations.

When Eloise founded Honey Birdette in 2006 she felt it was a need Australia had: a sensuality boutique that offered a fancier exprience for those that expected class and would pay for it. The first location was a smashign success and the Honey Birdette empire grew and grew throughout Australia until it reached the 50+ locations that are open today.

Use Agora financial for the best financial advice

Agora Financial youtube video summary
Investing for people that do not have the technical know how of investing can be such a big head ache. Knowing the timing, place and how to invest can consume a lot of time to understand when you are not a financial expert. There is a lot of conflicting advice that is available everywhere. There are also other entities that want to benefit from the savings. They include brokers, politicians, bankers, insurance companies and also the tax agents.

Agora Financial has been at the fore front to ensure that everyone including those that are not financial experts is able to make investment decisions with ease. They do this through different methods that include, online publications, books, and seminars. Many investors are using Agora’s approach to create wealth and also to earn money.

There are over 20 publications from Agora that are designed to help an investor navigate through different sectors of the market. The publications help the investor in identifying which companies to invest in as well accessing the different secrets that will help the investor in generating money while at the same time protecting the amount that an investor has created. Agora financial spends a lot of resources in helping the staff travel around the world to identify the different investment opportunities. This ensures that the investor is well updated on where to invest before the opportunity becomes too expensive. Agora Financial Has predicted many international financial happenings of the last decade. The predictions include the rise of gold, the mortgage crisis and the spike in oil prices. Many people lost on these opportunities but people who had the Agora Financial information thrived.

About Agora Financial
Agora Financial provides independent financial interpretation. It does this via online publications and print media, books and seminars. Their comments about the market are unbiased, conventional and honest.

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James Dondero – Taking Highland Capital to New Heights of Success

James Dondero is a name to reckon with in the investment and finance sector of the United States. He has extensive experience in the finance industry, which he uses to lead the Highland Capital Management, one of the most respectable names in the finance industry of the country. Over the years, Highland Capital Management has provided sound financial and investment advice as well as other associated products and services to its vast clientele. James Dondero is the co-founder of Highland Capital Management and currently, serves as its President.


As a person who believes in consistent growth, James Dondero has helped in ways more than one to set up company offices beyond the local borders at Seoul, Singapore, and Sao Paulo. The management of Highland Capital Management is already planning to open many new offices in different parts of the world to spread its outreach. The business strategies implemented by James has helped Highland Capital Management increase its turnover, diversify its product portfolio, launch new products successfully, and make the company a trusted name in the otherwise highly competitive finance industry.


However, James Dondero does not only lead the Highland Capital Management and is also the CEO of Nexbank, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Capital. Nexbank is one of the leading banks in Texas and offers loans and financial services to middle market companies and retail investors. It is a bank that has a very respectable clientele and has over six billion in assets under management. And, it is all possible due to the leadership provided by James Dondero. He is also on the board of many other companies, such as MGM Studios and American Banknote.


James Dondero is known for his unique approach to investment and has through years of experience developed a solid investment strategy, which has earned his firms millions over the years. It is the same technique he uses to invest the finances provided by his clientele and investors. It is what has made him known as one of the smartest investor and hedge fund managers in the corporate world. James Dondero also serves as the CIO of Protective Life’s subsidiary firm.

Your Unlimited Growth Potential

Your Unlimited Growth Potential

When providing a service, it’s evident that there is a direct correlation between a company’s customer base and profits and losses. Scaling a business is an integral portion to ensuring success; whether seeking to fund new ideas or general growth, engagement is an essential driver. To scale out horizontally, there needs to be a support of transactional consistency and constant maintenance for stiff SQLs, which unfortunately limit the growth of a business. NuoDB’s solution: an elastic SQL database that provides the platform for future growth, saving hundreds of man hours.

Time is money. This is a fact that NuoDB is cognizant of. Their elastic SQL cloud database efficiently allows business owners to get their products out to market much faster than traditional SQLs. That is what effectively increases profit. Many software vendors and e-commerce companies rely on NuoDB because they understand cloud applications offer a continuous availability, and with that continuous availability, their scaling potential is truly limitless. If you already know you need to scale, then you already know you need NuoDB.

Avaaz Generates Global Activism with a Click of a Button

Since 2007, the online activist network Avaaz has encouraged people from around the world to act on national and global issues such as climate change, human rights, government corruption, and poverty. As of July 2017, Avaaz has close to 45 million members serving in 194 countries, and its members have taken over 341 million actions over the past 10 years. Some of these actions include petition signing, emailing, media campaign funding, and event protesting.

Co-founder, president, and executive director Ricken Patel says Avaaz has no ideology other than to unite practical idealists who want to create the world people want. Members are routinely polled to see which issues and campaign ideas are most important to them. Weekly random poll samples of 10,000 members are questioned to see which issues they find the most important. The issues that receive the highest number of votes are then sent out to all other members around the world. Then Avaaz mobilizes its members within several hours to several days to act on the campaigns that are the most critical to its members.

It’s true that the co-founders and members of the leadership team have been involved in progressive politics, but some of Avaaz’s victories are nonpartisan in nature. Some of Avaaz’s campaign victories include:

• Keeping the internet free from corporate control and government censorship
• Providing millions of dollars in aid to survivors of natural and man-made disasters
• Protecting the environment and reducing the effects of climate change
• Providing justice and love to victims of sexual slavery

Some people are criticizing Avaaz for creating laziness in activism through its online petitioning, but Avaaz’s members show up where they are needed, even at the risk of their own lives.

Cassio Audi’s Spirited Early Music Career

Much about Cassio Audi’s early musical life is evident when he acceded to a musical band formed by four friends in the name of Yves, Machado Andre, Pit and Felipe. Their coming together helped Audi kick-start his career as a drummer for the Viper Rock Music Band. As a drummer for the band, his career in music started out on a flying note as he helped it move from the struggles with composing songs to its marketing. Through Cassio’s tenacity, the band enjoyed massive airplay and hit several stages with their electric performances. Around Brazil, they had conquered a huge following with the success of their hit tracks such as Killera, Princess from Hell and Nightmare.
Following Successes
From commanding the crowds in Brazil, Cassio and his band members moved beyond their borders staging shows all over Europe and American continents. Even as the tours continued, Cassio also continued composing songs for the band, and ultimately helped them in launching their first album entitled the Soldiers of Sunset in the year 1987. The album became a huge success as it also stamped the band into musical stardom as far as rock music was concerned. In fact, most rock bands outside Brazil found it much amusing that Viper could get much attention singing in English which was a second language to them as Brazilians.
Return to Exit
The following album, Theater of Fate launched in 1989, was a touch of classical music and once again showcased Cassio as a great composer and an astute lyricist. It is after this success that Cassio finally bowed out from the music scene as he had began cooperation with the band due to divided attention coming from a financial calling. From all these exhibits of success, he still remains a legend in Brazilian rock music industry as one of the best artist in not only drumming but vocals.