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Netpicks Offers Guidance For New Traders

Netpicks is an online service that provides Futures and Forex. The company has been in business since 1996 and operates out of Texas. Netpicks is a very diverse organization that offers a number of different services. There is the Forex, Futures, trade signals, automated trading and training with a live Trader. The service comes in a pack package called Universal Market Trader. A monthly fee is charged for the service. However, there are some nice advantages to spending a little extra money. Netpicks has been offering their online trading signals for over 10 years. Yet their website has proven to be difficult to navigate for those who are not familiar with this type of activity. The company offers a two-week trial for new users to get used to the inner workings of the system and begin with a simple operating process.

New users are introduced to an elementary looking system which a table is showing the current swing trades per currency pairs. The plan stop loss and target are visible along with the schedule of the current week. The page also list when trading sessions are given. Netpicks does not provide email or texted trade signals, source ( There is a live chat room in place instead to get trade signals. The trade room is effective and led by an online trader named Ralph. Ralph is very thorough and guides new users through each trade one step at a time. He is very detailed about why to trade, what to trade and why not to trade.

There are roughly 30 traders in a chat room at a time. Ralph handles all questions very efficiently. The trade room sessions are on New York or London time. Ralph covers the most current news in the world of trades and also gives a brief on swing trades that may be in process. New users will want to view Ralph’s charts as he delivers his discussions on trades. It is a valuable tool for anyone who is serious about learning how to operate the service. Netpicks is lacking a bit of detailed information when it comes to intraday trade room performance on the website. Swing trades are listed for viewing in the members’ only section, based on