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Retelling William Saito’s Contribution to the Tech World

It is factual that the tech world is vastly transitioning into the main controller of businesses and people’s daily lives. Many will admit that there is some aspect of technology they cannot live without. From the usual speedy access to the browsing dockets on the internet to the ability to continually communicate with almost anyone across the world by dialing some digits, technology has evolved over the past few years. Today, one individual who is admired for his contribution to the development of the tech world is William Saito.


Background Information

William Saito is well known as an American entrepreneur with Japanese roots. He initially served as a political and strategic manager as well as a cyber security officer. Aside from that, he has been serving as a team leader in the tech industry since he was ten years old. Having landed his first junior internship at that age, he was in charge of computer programming. When he joined college, he started a computer software company that earned an I/O Software title. This was useful in developing multiple authentication tools like fingerprints recognition for the Japanese government. Since the business was successful, Saito received several buyouts offers from different companies including Microsoft. As such, he sold the firm to Microsoft and ventured into other activities. Saito released a book called An Unprogrammed Life. He retells the adventures of a passionate entrepreneur who developed his business at a tender age.

The Advent of Computers

In the past, personal computing was referred to as a prominent concept that many people embraced. In the same book, William Saito narrates the history of the subject since the early 1980s when computers just went from being gigantic gadgets to smaller machines that could fit into a small room. At the same time, many computer companies including Hewlett-Packard in addition to IBM had established compact desktops. These were convenient and pretty affordable.



Because he is well versed with technology and its impact on the world, William Saito recently shared his opinion on how Russia’s tech industry is doing. According to him, this state has been one of the best in coming up with revolutionary tech gadgets and software. For more than 200 years, Russia has been enjoying technological advancements, especially in founding science. This boils down to the development of the periodic table and the radio invention. Well, this is expected to improve in the future.

Jason Hope: Recap Crunchbase Articles IOT

In a piece, Jason Hope talks about how the internet is shaping our daily lives and makes light of the idea that at one point the slice of bread would be informing the toaster that it is not browning evenly. As farfetched as it may sound the wireless connection into everyday objects is changing at a tremendous pace with new witty inventions being made by the day. Jason Hope says the Bluetooth technology has made it easy for people and objects to communicate with each other and the transmitting device used which is known as a beacon is so tiny that it can be placed in virtually anything. This beacon has a sensor whose job is to act as a transistor of information between the devices.

For players in the airline industry these advancements are chances to take their business to the next level and advance their operations criterion. Statistics show that airlines are already targeting 37% of their budgets into the technology advancements and 58% of the airlines planning to roll out the programs within a span of three years. In this piece Jason Hope talks about the areas where the airline players are targeting these technology advancements:

1. Security. Safety is the key component of any successful airline company and in this line the Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787s are being connected on to the wireless network right from their nose to the rudder. These connections are crucial in collecting the necessary data about the plane, tracking the maintenance schedule and analyze how parameters are working in the plane. The beacons are also programmed to monitor the condition of the safety items on board and it notifies the engineers of any issues which they would be ready to tackle on the next stop.

2. Customer Service. Jason Hope explains that customers experience is also being taken to consideration with the technology ensuring boarding passes are issued via email meaning no more queuing for services. There is also a feature that acts as a personal guide through the journey on activation by the client, in case you get lost in the airport the device would guide you by giving directions and estimated walk times. This feature has been programmed to ease the customer’s experience to the extent that Jason Hope explains that the beacon would communicate to your device when the plane doors are about to be closed, it will also tell you in case there is a flight delay and where to access various services in the airport.

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Jason Hopes Global Philanthropy Efforts Towards Antiaging Research

SENS foundation, founded in 2009, is a global leader in explorative research in discovering new approaches to treating and preventing ailments and improving human life. They utilize biotechnology in most of their research programs. This is the company where Jason hope has entrusted with his fortunes, donating up to $500,000 towards its initiatives. But who exactly is Jason Hope and how have his philanthropic efforts affected the globe? He is a renowned skilled futurist as far as the global market identifies him. His strategic investment decisions are based on identifying technological breakthroughs and establishing possible predictions of the technology. Currently, he is highly interested in antiaging technological development that he believes is the foundation of future year’s medical discoveries on disease cures.

People consider aging as a natural process, not challengeable by scientific breakthroughs. With old age comes some opportunistic diseases that adversely affect the families of the elderly through constant care or possible death. Based on Jason Hope’s different approach to aging, he believes that people can live longer and healthier if the correct research is directed towards solving the underlying problem rather than treating the ailments. Considering his eye for great technological innovations of the future, he has pledged a lot of money towards financing research towards treating the effects of aging on people of all regions of the globe.

SENS is only one among numerous organizations that strive to give the public access to technology that would enable them to prevent the diseases that accompany the aging population. They utilize living organisms in their research to come up with new products. The funds donated by James Hope, went into funding significant infrastructure; a modern laboratory in the United Kingdom that mainly deals with glucosepane. The main objective here is to figure out compounds that are going to destroy the negative end-products of glycation. Glycation happens when someone start to age and the end products accumulate on their skin. It is the opinion of these research centers that by minimizing or eliminating the end products, the aging process would be significantly inhibited. Other than this, his contributions have pushed up research initiatives in medications called AGE-breakers. They are still utilized for the same purpose as the research directed towards glycation end products. This has enabled the SENS Foundation to take a further step in research programs that had previously shown great potential for massive breakthroughs but were lagging behind due to the absence of sufficient funds.

According to Jason Hope, his primary drive into giving support to this specific non-profit firm in research initiatives is because current healthcare providers only pursue disaster management. They treat cases that have already occurred rather than going to the cause of the problem. He believes that prevention is the only strategy that can stop diseases infection make a real change in the health sector. Supporting his generosity drive, he encourages other individuals to continue contributing towards the same initiative to make a difference. Jason hope’s donating spirit is spread in other areas of the medical and educational field that could benefit individuals all over the world.

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Jason Hope’s Name Fits Him Very Well

Can you imagine a life where people lived until they were a thousand years old? I know, it does sound like something that was taken out of a science fiction novel. However, in the future, that may be the reality of human life, says Jason Hope.

You see, there are scientists and researchers such as De Grey who are looking into ways biotechnology can help reverse the effects of aging. They think that by using certain techniques, they will be able to heal the cells in the human body that are responsible for the aging process and make those cells young again, so to speak. Once they do that, the entire body as a whole will be younger and more healthier.

De Grey and the other scientists who are studying the matter are careful to say that we will not be living until one thousand years old in the very near future. What they are saying is that if we continue with the current research that is being done on the various ways to reverse aging, we may reach that point sometime in the future. At first, it would definitely be a big improvement if we can just get everyone to reach one hundred years old.

Science and medicine have come so far since one hundred years ago. These days, there are so many diseases that have specific cures and vaccines, diseases which one hundred years ago would have terrified anyone who received a diagnosis of it.

There is no reason why the same research can not be applied to the aging process in the human body. De Grey and the other researchers say that when they talk about reversing the aging process, they are not talking about someone getting old, having their hair turn grey and then white, and developing health problems only to then live another hundred years. What they are saying is that if they continue to be successful with aging research, people will not get to the old stage in their lives until years later than what we are currently accustomed to.

This research is being funded by the Arizonian philanthropist and new age inventor, Jason Hope. Jason Hope donated half a million dollars to the SENS Research Institute for this reason. He also gives speeches on the subject, inspiring people with hope for the future. His name fits him very well.

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Jason Hope’s Success and Why the Internet of Things will Change the Future

The Internet of Things, or IoT for short, is one of the most recent and modern technologies in the world. It is an amazing way to connect simple devices to each other and have different functionalities that weren’t previously doable without sensors.

One of the most influential entrepreneurs and philanthropists in the tech world has stated himself that the Internet of Things is the greatest wave of advancement in the industry of technology, which is a big, bold statement. However, Jason Hope, one of the most significant voices in the Tech industry, definitely knows what he is talking about.

Jason Hope didn’t initially receive his degree in the technology industry, as he graduated in finances from the Arizona State University, and later received a Business MBA from the ASU’s W.P. Carey School. He intended to become an entrepreneur and administrator of success, but little did he know that he would fall in love for technological innovations.

Nowadays, many businesspeople come after Jason Hope for aid in technology development, including the development of mobile apps and games, as well as applications software for computer and Mac. The entrepreneur is the founder and owner of Mobile Technology, a strong software development company.

Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things has great promises, and that it isn’t only a great innovation. Instead, it is the technology that many departments in different industries were waiting for in order to provide a better service, better consulting and improved research. The IoT technology can be used to prevent accidents, making sure that different departments are connected, and telling an individual when the refrigerator is sort of supplies, for example. The technology has enough to change the future and the way industries design their products.

Apart from being an entrepreneur of influence and a technology enthusiast, Jason Hope is a very active philanthropist who has funded dozens of noble causes and charitable events. He actively supports startups as well, especially those related to the Tech industry and that have great promises to be relevant.

The entrepreneur lives and works in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he can be found giving lessons as a mentor to many students about innovations in the Tech industry and about what they can expect to change in the future.

As an entrepreneur that deals with technology and a student that is always learning new things in the field, Jason Hope is very excited for the era where Internet of Things will be everywhere, which, according to the owner of Mobile Technology himself, won’t take very long to come.

If you would like to learn more about the entrepreneur and what he has achieved through his years developing technologies, you can find Jason Hope in CrunchBase, or around Scottsdale.

Jason Hope, An Eye on the Future

If you want to know where technology will be in the next ten years, there is no one better qualified to answer this than Jason Hope. Hope is a graduate of Arizona State University who has become a well known and successful tech entrepreneur. Two major fields of interest to Jason these days are IoT (Internet of Things) and SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence). These technologies should peak your interest as well. Jason Hope not only believes in the absolute use of technological advancements, he is putting his money where his mouth is contributing large investments for those projects that that further the development of these fields.

Jason Hope has high regard for the IoT movement within our current technology. What started as smart phone’s and small tablets is now being applied to appliances and even some clothing. Hope believes that humans will only have their everyday lives greatly improved by this movement. Using as an example, Jason believes that through IoT involvement in public transportation, humanity will become much more comfortable in the use of the many different modes for transportation reducing waste and helping the environment. As the growing network of IoT applications expands, efficiency in everything that people are involved with will be greatly improved to learn more: click here.

The SENS technology is perhaps less developed however strongly supported by Mr. Hope. It is his belief that through technology, the medical profession will be able to not only diagnose major illnesses more easily, doctors will be able to see minute shifts in a persons health indicators and be able to determine immediate courses of action to stop or even repair any damage caused. The range of study and development is overwhelming with in the SENS technology because there are so many fields in which it can be applied. Jason commits a large part of his philanthropic efforts into the SENS development which defines his belief in slowing or even reversing some of the aging mechanisms.

Jason Hope has an eye on the future and the benefit of applied technology in the paths of peoples lives. We should keep an eye on Jason just to make sure we are able to benefit from the ever extending map of what is coming next.

Chris Burch: The Inseparable Fashion and Technology Industries

For more than 40 years, Chris Burch has actively participated in the technology industry. He is the founder of the Burch Creative Capital. Burch entrepreneurial vision and values have expressed his market opportunities through the application of creativity, imagination, scale and support. This has led to the development of numerous businesses and brands that have a positive impact on the lives of consumers.


In his vast experience as an entrepreneur and investor, Chris Burch has participated in the rise of over 50 companies in the United States. He has combined his understanding of direct source experience and general customer behavior to develop a track record of innovation and performance.


According to Chris Burch, fashion and technology intermarry. The two developments have worked hand-in-hand throughout their development stages. Chris believes that technology exists with fashion in a correlative manner. If technology changes, fashion changes along with it. One of the remaining constants is that both of them grow seamlessly. Technology becomes fashionable with time. The most interesting part of the story is how they have worked together. When we look at the past, we find that technology has shed light on the fashion industry in numerous ways.


According to research, the 70s brought about the ingestion of the carry-around favorite stations and tunes. This was the first invention of television and the radio. As a matter of fact, the disc contained two cassettes. While one was used to record music, the other was used to play. The technology went further into the 80s where we saw the development of movie cassettes. During this time, the world had received the invention of television, the movie cassettes, on the other hand, added a complement to television. For this reason, technology was advancing fashionably. When we moved into the 90s, one could purchase a personalized music system by the name Walkman. For more than one decade, this experience was developed into the smaller iPod. For this reason, fashion and technology were growing seamlessly. As technology continues in popularity, it becomes fashionable.


In the recent past, the synthesis fashion and technology is in the process. Fashion designers, from around the world, have delivered their innovations using technology. While we may consider wearing a helmet unfashionable, the helmet is used by technology to provide safety during accidents. For this reason, technology and fashion come together for the common good of humanity. Style advances use technology to protect people. Technology and fashion can also be seen in the automotive industry.