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Robert Ivy Has Made A Great Legacy In Architecture

Robert Ivy is a prominent name and personality in the architectural fraternity. He was born in Mississippi grew up in the same place. After completing a degree program from Sewanee University, Ivy proceeded to pursue a master’s degree from Tulane. That is how his career journey began and brought him to his present accomplishments. Despite his solid educational background, Ivy has worked hard to be who he is.

Currently, Robert Ivy is the CEO of the American Institute of Architects. This organization is a membership-based entity for architects. They have come together to make the field more valuable and lobby for better working conditions. Since Ivy took over the leadership, the organization has made incredible progress. Although his concentrations are building, design and construction, Ivy believes in thinking beyond the obvious ideas.

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Apart from AIA, Robert is also a chief editor and vice president of McGraw Hill Construction Media. Multi-tasking is never an easy thing, but Ivy does it exceptionally. His hard work and dedication earned him several awards. Ivy has received industrial honors and recognition from the Lifetime Achievement Awards. Ivy is humbled to receive these awards and recognition. They are a motivation to inspire his zeal and do more for his community and nation.

Besides gaining popularity and reputation, Robert Ivy highly values social responsibility. He believes architects can impact the society in many ways. One of them is increased performance in the building industry. Architects also have an essential role in public health. By participating in urban planning and housing, the public will have decent homes.

Robert Ivy is mentoring architects to be more involved in the community life and see how they can add value. For instance, during natural disasters, architects can assist in recovery and rebuild the society. They can also contribute to programs of teaching resilience during natural disasters. The field of architecture has many facets and opportunities for architects. They can transform and develop it further for the next generation. The architect has utilized his best days working in this field. He hopes his mentees will follow the footsteps or create others to make architecture an amazing profession.


George Soros: A success in so many ways

*A Closer Look at George Soros:

George Soros is a well known Investor, Businessman as well as accomplished author. George Soros is of Hungarian ancestry. Soros left Hungary and emigrated to England in the late 1940’s. Mr. Soros is considered by many to be one of the most successful Investors in the entire world. At present, it is estimated that George Soros is worth $20 Billion dollars. Read his profile at Forbes.

George Soros graduated from the London School of Economics with a Bachelor degree. In addition, Soros also received a Masters Degree in Philosophy from London School of Economics. Mr. Soros has always been a strong advocate of higher education.

After graduation Soros began his business career by accepted various jobs at different banks. However, Soros made the decision to start first Hedge Fund in 1969. George Soros started his first hedge fund in 1969 which was named “Double Eagle”.

Double Eagle was quite successful. Soros decided to start a second Hedge Fund one later. Therefore, in late 1970 George Soros began Soros Fund Management. It seemed everything George Soros set out to do turned out to be successful. A few years after the creation of Soros Fund Management the original “Double Eagle” was renamed “Quantum Fund”.

George Soros ran “Quantum Fund. By the mid 1970’s Quantum Fund had assets which exceeded $10 million dollars. It was quite evident that George Soros was a successful businessman who was not afraid of taking risks.

The Quantum Fund was a huge success and by early 2012 the company had reported assets in excess of $21 billion dollars. Soros was commonly referred to as the “Man that Broke the Bank of England”.

George Soros has stated publically that he attributes his business success by applying “Karl Poppers Theory of Relativity”. Soros claims by applying simple theories set forth by Karl Popper it enabled him to establish a firm understanding of how the market works. In addition, George Soros also stated Poppers Theory of Relativity helped him to understand fundamental market values as well as the value of securities.

George Soros is a strong supporter of liberal political causes. In addition, he established the “Open Society Foundation”. Soros contributed over 8 billion dollars to the “Open Society Foundation” over a period of twenty years.

George Soros contributed huge sums of money to colleges and Universities around the world. Soros made additional sizable contributions to Central European University which is located in his hometown. No one is completely certain however, it is estimated that Soros contributed close to 1 billion dollars to the Central European University. Read more on

George Soros has published several books related to economics and successful business trading. There seems to be no limit to what George Soros can accomplish. Mr. Soros shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. More than likely he will continue managing his company and he will continue to reach out to others in need. His educational contributions have helped countless individuals receive the education that they probably would not have had.

Ken Griffin And Other Investors Are Not Giving Up On Brazil

Ken Griffin, the bigger-than-life hedge fund investor has a soft spot for Brazil. Griffin, like the rest of the world, loves Brazil for its beaches, women and party atmosphere, but there is more to Ken Griffin’s excitement about Brazil. Mr. Griffin believes the current economic situation in Brazil is making Brazil a diamond in the rough for investors that are not afraid to take risks.

More than $4.2 billion poured into Brazil during the first half of October 2015, and it didn’t come from Brazil’s Central Bank. The money came from foreign investors like Ken Griffin on businessinsider that believe local equities are bargains right now. Two months before the surge in investments, economists were predicting the demise of Brazil’s investment future. But just like Griffin, Brazil is a hard force to keep down.

Mr. Griffin told his partners that anyone that invests in Brazil now will make money and lot of it. Five years ago Brazil was the darling of the investment world, but in 2013 things got complicated in the 2nd largest economy in Latin America, according to Griffin. That’s when Petrobras, the state-owned oil company, was accused of being part of a scandal. The scandal knocked the profitable socks off of Petrobras when the company admitted to losing $2 billion in bribes.

But the Petrobras debacle wasn’t the only nail in Brazil’s economic coffin. China’s meltdown put the finishing nail in Brazil’s economy. Now the country is in deep recession, their currency is worth half of what it was a year ago and unemployment and inflation are taking a big bite out of the country’s newly created middle class.

That’s why Citadel is one of the top hedge fund companies in the world, and the reason why Ken Griffin is one of the richest men in the world. But Griffin wasn’t always a billionaire. At one point in 2008, he didn’t have enough money to ride the train in Chicago. The 2008 financial meltdown claim Griffin as one of its victims, and Citadel was right there with him. The investors that knew Griffin from the days when he was trading stock in his Harvard dorm knew his situation was temporary. And they were right.

Griffin invested in risky assets that no one wanted with borrowed money six and a half years ago, and those assets did what Griffin said they would. They made everyone that believes in Griffin a lot of money. That’s why Ken Griffin hasn’t given up on Brazil. Brazil assets will come back with a vengeance and Griffin wants to be part of that experience.

Not every investor thinks like Ken Griffin. Brazil may have political, economic and inflationary issues, but Citadel and Ken Griffin know that Brazilians don’t give up when things get tough.

Learn More About Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir works as a technology executive and also an astute business person. He has a well-defined educational background, and he has managed to study up to doctorate level in electrical engineering in Cornel University. He has contributed immensely to the deployment of Fios, which happened at Verizon. He has been part of the employment of the Pingit mobile and the transform program currently at the Barclays Bank. Shaygan was born in London and grew up in Iran. His high school education was at Aiglon College, which is situated in Switzerland. His father was a doctor specializing in ear, nose, and throat.

He started his ambitious career at the GTE Corporation. At the laboratories of the GTE Corporation, he worked in various sections, which include controls, management, and network routing. Shaygan Kheradpir was in charge of the development of a network center involving transmission, infrastructure, and switching. This important innovation enabled the company to be able to consolidate its vast network of businesses, resulting to an efficient and easy to manage network operations for the corporation. Shaygan later moved to the firm’s headquarters, where he played a vital role in the development of the wireless, wire line, and information units.

The company later united with the Bell Atlantic and formed the Verizon. Shaygan Kheradpir worked as the chief information officer at Verizon, and he worked there for eleven years. His main achievement at the firm happened when he led a team of more than 7,000 employees to develop new products named lobi and Verizon one. At Verizon, he was able to cut the spending budget immensely, and this he did through outsourcing, negotiating with vendors, and ensuring that the company maintained proper utilization of its assets. In 2011, he joined the Barclays bank, which has its headquarters in London, as the chief operating officer in charge of the international retail bank. Shaygan rose to become the chief operations and the technology officer in charge of retail, wealth, business, cards, and investment banking. At Barclays bank, he has overseen major changes that have placed the bank ahead in terms of digitization and product innovations. Shaygan Kheradpir served as the technology officer at Barclays from the year 2011 up to 2013, when he moved to Juniper Networks, where he held the position of chief executive officer. In November 2014, Shaygan Kheradpir resigned as the chief executive officer of juniper.

In early 2015, he was able to join the management team of Coriant, and in September, through appointment, he became the chief executive officer of the company. This leadership position at Coriant was supposed to enable him to facilitate Coriant’s industry growth, while focusing at the solutions that are of importance of the customer in the dynamic and competitive market. Throughout his career, he has been able to build a fantastic team that is able to provide the changes that matter to the employees, customers, community, and the investors. Through hard work, he has connected and innovated across multiple industry sections.

Square Inaugurated In Minas Gerais In Honor Of Marcio Alfaro, The Bank BMG

On the 21st to 24th, August 2014 was the 33rd agricultural exhibition of Santo Antonio do Monte. During this exhibition food court, Marcio Araujo Alaor opened. In honor of BMG bank’s general manager MarcioAlaor for providing services to the San Antonio community of Mount, the square was named after him. A plate was also made which extolled the greatness of MarcioAlaor acts.

During the inauguration, the local political leaders and authorities gave overwhelming praise to the efforts made by Marcia Alaor for his hometown Santo Antonio do Monte. Particularly, Mr. Luis Antonio thanked Marcia Alaor for his work on behalf of the people. He emphasized that MarcioAlaor helped the community in the city without asking for any favors.

The former mayor Willmar Son was categorical in his speech during the opening of the food court that MarcioAlaor remained important to the community of Santo Antonio do Monte. In his remarks, he suggested that the location of the food court should be changed to another improved space. The former mayor made an analogy in his speech saying that the food court was the right place to receive the name of Mario Alaor. He added that it was the same place that entrepreneurs fed hopes and dreams of the city. Willmar recalled the humble childhood of MarcioAlaor as a shoeshine boy is now the vice president of BMG Bank helping the city.

When Marcio Alaor BMG took to the podium recognized and accepted the tributes emphasizing on his part and his worldview. About his personal history, Alaor said that he worked hard as a shoeshine boy and that he was not only concerned about the financial gains. Mr. Alaor particularly thanked his family for the love and honor they showed him. He felt privileged to be part of the city he loved so much and would always be there to help in any way possible.


James Dondero: A Pioneer in the Financial World

Highland Capital Management is proud to call James Dondero their president and co-founder. Dondero, who currently lives in Dallas, TX, has over three decades of experience working in both the credit and the equity markets. He has a main focus on both high-yield investing and distressed investing, which can be very lucrative for people who are experienced in this sector.

Since 1993, Highland Capital Management has always been a leading company in developing the Collateralized Loan Obligation market, and also a company that stays ahead of the game in the development of credit oriented solutions. They do this for both retail and institutional investors around the world. Some of Highland Capital’s product offerings are institutional separate accounts, Collateralized Loan Obligations (as previously mentioned), hedge funds, private equity funds, mutual funds, real estate investment trusts, and exchange traded funds. Mr. Dondero’s experience and expertise in the financial markets has led him to become a pioneer in this industry.

HCM’s philosophy and investment approach when it comes to credit is to create consistent returns that are above average. They do this by applying familiar principles of investing. They also believe in preserving capital while they are also aiming for an appropriate amount of risk and return on their portfolios. They focus on strategies that they feel they can use to add much value to their clients by providing pioneering expertise and a high level of skill to any process of investment.

Their 20 years of investment experience has helped Highland Capital Management refine their strategies to be able to continue to improve. Strong communication between the research professionals, the portfolio managers, and the CIO are a vital part of their success. They use core analysis to identify when funds are not priced correctly. They also monitor markets very closely. Their team includes only research professionals who are focused on the financial industry. These professionals review current investments, evaluate opportunities, and monitoring trends in the financial world.

James Dondero on holds several chairman positions, due to the respect he has in the world of finance. He is chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical (a medical supply company), and Nexbank, which is located in Texas. Additionally, Dondero serves on the board of American Banknote, which is a global engraver of national currency and stamps, and MGM Studios.

Mr. Dondero is also a philanthropist. He supports foundations involved in education, veteran’s affairs, as well as public policy. Before working at Highland Capital, Mr. Dondero was an Investment Research and Corporate Bond Analyst, moving on to be a Portfolio Manager at the credit card company, American Express. Prior to beginning his professional life, Dondero received highest honors from the University of Virginia at the McIntire Business school, majoring in both accounting and finance. Dondero holds both the titles of CFA and CMA.