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George Soros Opinion About Donald Trump

George Soros has currently been in many media platforms due to his prediction of a crisis that is going to happen to the trade market. He relates the crisis to 2008 one and bets it might even be worse than that. He has gained a lot of respect from his unwavering success in the financial markets and also his intelligence in writing. He also has never lacked opinions concerning the world economic trends as they also emerge opinions about politics have never been short of him. He has also given his opinion about Donald Trump that is looking forward to vying for the presidency of the United States with the Republican.

Recently Forbes billionaire Soros had an interview with a United States television network named Bloomberg where he commented on Donald Trump’s participation in the election by saying that he thinks he is doing the work of the ISIS a terrorist group that attacked France in the year 2015. Since Soros is well known for his liberal mind, he argues out that that I the only way to trumps opinion polls were on the rise was because he was doing the work of ISIS. Trump has been using the France attack to get on the nerves of many people so that he gets more famous for the upcoming election in the United States. From his liberal mind Soros is most likely going to support a liberal leader .but he made his opinions on a light note as it was seen even with his interview in the franchise television.

Soros also related the rise of ISS to the crisis in Europe. Also, the crumbling of Middle East countries has played a part in the crisis. He makes a suggestion that Europe borders to be closed for all Muslims until the case of ISIS is over .they have made the life of Europeans hard as the attacks have had a great effect to middle east then escalated to Europe. Soros does not see the logic of trump association with the ISIS attacks to increase his number of supporters in the opinion polls. He is also for the suggestion to integrate all the immigrants and sees that as a mistake the German president did to allow refugees in the country.

Soros opinions have a lot of influence especially in the thinking of the European. Due to his philanthropic character, Forbes has ranked him number 16 on the Forbes top 400 while Trump has been ranked number 121.His worth is much more to that of Trump and it seems he’s is of an independent mind since he is allowed to say what he thinks about any topic. He appreciates that he has the power of an independent mind all because of his intelligence in the economic arena. He is not scared of terrorist despite him being in open society foundations. This makes him the best investment model of our time.